Shelf Life Manual Review

Friday, April 21, 2017

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

Available via GoToMeeting only.

This month's Tech Talk is an introduction to the "OCB Shelf Life Manual" presented by Dr. Dirk Bendiak, Technical Advisor to the OCB. Dirk Bendiak produced the manual for OCB in 2016 along with Niagara College. 
In the presentation, Dirk will introduce the three areas of shelf life: sensory, physical non-biological and physical biological. 
Aspects of the sensory, physical haze and biological issues will be outlined as well as a decision tree for evaluation of shelf life. 
Dirk will also summarize the trouble-shooting guides via the process and use of sensory tools, as well as filtration trouble-shooting charts which will be clearly illustrated. Select examples of the beer sensory sheet will also be reviewed.

There will be an opportunity for Q&A and discussion following the technical presentation. 

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Dirk Bendiak has extensive brewery experience with expertise in project review and evaluation for quality improvements. Dirk received his BSc in Honors Genetics from the University of Alberta (1975) and his PhD in Molecular Biology from York University (1980). After a year of postdoctoral work at the University of Alberta in yeast mutational research, he began to work at Molson Breweries Canada Ltd. in 1981 as Senior Microbiologist.

He has worked in the quality assurance, brewing, packaging and research areas. This work has included numerous projects in microbial physiology, yeast physiology, yeast identification, fermentation and yeast handling concerns. In 1995 he began as Corporate Operations Specialist for Molson Canada delving into areas of the brewing and packaging troubleshooting. 

As of June 1999, he has been back in the brewing department as the Microbiology and Brewing specialist working on: optimization of yeast propagation and yeast management practices, microbiological issues, CIP issues, malt issues and brewhouse capability studies.In April 2000 he was the Corporate Brewer responsible for licensed brewing in Canada. In July 2001 his role changed to Specialist, Brewing and Packaging Quality responsible for licensed brewing, trouble shooting and quality performance improvement. 

In April 2005 he was the Manager Quality Services responsible for the analytical, sensory and microbiology services for the corporate group. In Feb 2006, he moved to the Manager Quality Services in the Molson Toronto Brewery. In Oct 2008 he had a dual role of Manager Quality Services for the Toronto Brewery and the corporate laboratory. 

He finished his 32 years at Molson as the Manager Quality Services for the Toronto Molson Coors Brewery and was involved in the thorough evaluation and characterization of waste flows in the Toronto brewery for the determination of a waste water treatment system in a brewery of 4.5 million HL.

Since retirement Dirk has worked with Laporte Engineering on various quality problems in breweries, wineries and pharmaceutical. Dirk has also taught and managed a project with the Ontario Craft Brewers at Niagara College. He has recently accepted being a Technical Advisor to the Ontario Craft Brewers.

He has published over 20 papers and has given many other presentations at the ASBC and MBAA and also at associated industry meetings. He is a member of the ASBC and has been program chairman, subcommittee chairman and President. He was the co-program chair for the World Brewing Congress 2000 and 2004 meetings. He is also a member of the MBAA and an Associate Member of the Institute of Brewing.

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