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Beer-Cheese Guide From Dairy Farmers of Canada

New Beer-Cheese Guide available from the Dairy Farmers of Canada Wine-and-cheese parties may have been popular in the past, but cheese plates matched with fresh local beers are one of the hottest trends in the food service industry. The Dairy Farmers of Canada have produced an informative and easy-to-use guide that describes how to pair various cheeses with craft beers.

In addition to suggesting specific cheeses that best accompany the different styles of beer, the guide also offers tips on the proper ways to handle, store, and serve cheese.
> Download the guide (PDF)

With our dedication to quality and natural ingredients, it's not surprising Ontario Craft Beer is as delicious to cook with as it is to drink.

Here you'll find a collection of OCB food recipes, made with some of our best beers.

Or, if you're looking for some tips straight from our brewers, check out our Food-Beer Matching page. It has some great suggestions for how different foods will compliment OCB brews!

... and check out our new Beer Cocktail recipes too!

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