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OCB response to Mill Street sale

“It’s always good news when one of the largest brewers in the world buys one of your members,” says John Hay, president, Ontario Craft Brewers. “It means we have created a winning formula which the larger brewers clearly cannot create in-house and must go outside to buy.

The other good news is that when Molson bought Creemore, it triggered a real growth spurt of new breweries in Ontario because people recognized the excitement and potential of craft brewing. The industry grew from about 30 operating brewers to approximately 150 within five or six years. We continue to be very excited about the future.”

OCB was designed to promote small, independent craft brewers in Ontario. That mission will continue. This logically has led us to restrict membership to breweries under 400,000 HL including all affiliated owners/partners. Of course, Mill Street would no longer qualify under this new ownership structure, just as Creemore did not qualify when it was sold to Molson.

We wish them very well in their new world and thank them for their great contribution to the industry and to the association as a member.

Looking forward, clearly the market is evolving quickly and we will have to make sure that our association remains as a focal point for craft beer in Ontario.

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