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The art of brewing beer has flourished for thousands of years – no surprise there. What is surprising is the growth of consumer demand for craft beer made by local artisans dedicated to making quality product, using time-honoured methods.

Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) are answering that demand. Our community of small independent brewers are committed to producing the best beer possible in small, hand-made batches.

Recent research shows that over 80% of consumers are aware of and interested in trying an Ontario Craft Beer – literally thirsting for adventure of discovery! The OCB recognized that this increase in demand directly impacts your business, as more consumers seek out and ask questions about craft beers available in your restaurant or bar.

We acknowledge that you – management, wait and bar staff – are the front lines in responding to customer enquiries regarding craft beer. This resulted in development of the OCBU program.

OCBU is a multi-tiered, e-learning program designed to be educational, fun and earn you considerable bragging rights among friends, managers and co-workers. Upon successful completion and passing of all 3 levels (modules), you will be granted the certified designation of Ontario Craft Beer ProTM. This designation is new to the Ontario market – and to Canada!

We partnered with a group of experts, including Niagara College, Mirella Amato of Beerology, international beer judge, advocate and educator, Bill White of Better with Beer and the Brewmasters and specialists with OCB, in developing the e-curriculum for OCBU, to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information about the wonderful world of craft beer.

Customers will appreciate (and admire) your savvy beverage expertise, as you guide them through discovering the world of Ontario Craft Beer.

Our OCBU program is divided into 3 e-learning modules. Each module includes a mini practice test to complete before writing the final test at the conclusion of each course. In order to graduate to the next level, you must successfully score a minimum of 75% on each final test.

You can study at your own pace and write the practice test as many times as you wish prior to writing the final test found at the end of each module. A detailed overview of all three levels is provided below to whet your whistle for the challenge of participating in a truly unique, one-of-a-kind program.

OCBU Levels and Modules

Level 1- Beer Basics 101

What Makes Craft Beer so Special!

This module introduces the fascinating craft of brewing beer. It covers ingredients, the brewing process, how to execute the perfect pour, the right glassware to enhance taste, and more.

Once you complete and pass this module, you will earn the designation of Ontario Craft Beer Specialist.

Level 2 - Food and Craft Beer Pairing

The Joy of Food and Craft Beer!

Now that you have a solid understanding of Beer Basics, you will learn what styles of beer and which types of food are best matched for optimum enjoyment of both. Gone are the days of pizza, nachos or burgers as the only food options to pair with beer. You can now confidently recommend an Ontario Craft Beer to perfectly complement quiche, steak tartar, spicy ribs or chicken curry and, of course, burgers, pizza and nachos. Delizioso! (Delicious in Italian!)

Upon successful completion of this module, you will earn the designation of Ontario Craft Beer Expert.

Note: This module includes our added-value, on-site OCB Server Seminar program. Although Level 2 can be successfully completed without attending the OCB Server Seminars, we encourage senior management, key wait staff, and chefs to attend. They will experience first hand food and craft beer pairings, understand how to make pairing decisions, as well as customize their menu offerings.

Level 3 - The Business of Craft Beer

How Ontario Craft Beer Can Make a Difference!

This module explore the micro- and macro-economics of the craft beer industry, how serving craft beer to your customers will positively effect your bottom line, increase tips and benefit the local economy. You don't have to be a math wiz to excel in this module, however a basic understanding of business is an asset.

Upon successful completion of this final module, you will earn the designation of Ontario Craft Beer ProTM.

Ontario craft beers are experiencing increasing awareness and phenomenal sales growth because customers are actively seeking out OCB beers. However, they often need guidance choosing a beer they will enjoy and that is where the OCBU program can help. When your customer asks, "What craft beers do you serve/recommend?" or "What type of craft beer would you recommend with the butter chicken?" you will be able to answer with a tasteful and professional recommendation.

By offering your knowledgeable craft beer expertise, you are providing customers with a personalized service that adds value because:

Your customers:
  • Receive a unique consultation
  • Enjoy an enhanced dining experience, and
  • Discover a terrific new craft beer.
Your bottom line:
  • Benefits from extraordinary word-of-mouth promotion
  • Increases with up-selling, and
  • You/staff earn bigger tips.

It's a win-win-win for everyone! And best of all, all 3 levels of the OCBU program are available at no cost to you.

Ontario Craft Brewers are dedicated to making Ontario the centre for craft brewing excellence in North America Consumers are demanding local craft beer, loud and clear, in growing numbers and the OCB wants to help them discover the flavourful, fun and innovative world of craft beer directly from the food and beverage experts they know best and trust most - you.

Take some time to discover the more than 70 brewers who make up the OCB. Each one is unique and true to the spirit of excellence that is the cornerstone of our brewing philosophy.

Browse around our site and get to know each of the brewer members of OCB – we have a lot to offer and want to share our expertise with you!


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