What makes a beer a beer? Feds brew changes to national beer standards

OTTAWA -- Your beer is about to undergo a government makeover.

Federal officials are proposing changes to national beer standards that would widen the number of ingredients permitted in a pint and could force brewers to list every ingredient on a can or bottle.

Even the Canadian definition of "beer" would change.

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OCB & LCBO partner to educate ambassadors on local craft beer

Ontario Craft Brewers is working with the LCBO to launch “The OCB Experience 2018”

The Ontario Craft Brewers and LCBO have created a new initiative, which allows LCBO Beer Ambassadors to travel across Ontario to different breweries, learning more about the individual breweries, their beer and the expertise behind the craft beer brewing process. This OCB opportunity is designed to help educate Beer Ambassadors on Ontario’s local craft beer.

“Our member breweries will give the LCBO Beer Ambassadors a chance to get to know the province’s local craft beer and bring that education in store to share with their customers,” says Scott Simmons, President of Ontario Craft Brewers. “The central goal of this program is to provide them with a broader understanding of what goes into the craft beer process.”

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The Ontario Craft Brewers Association is pleased to announce OCB Week - June 8 to June 17

It’s time to raise a glass to the 9th annual Ontario Craft Beer Week, hosted by Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB). The association’s 90+ members, along with other independent craft brewers across the province, are holding various events and activities.

From Friday, June 8 until Sunday, June 17, 2018 (Father’s Day) join in on the festivities featuring local craft breweries in cities and towns throughout the province celebrating this year’s theme of Collective Brewing.

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Certified beer professionals are available in the select Loblaws stores this June, to offer help with beer selection and food pairings

Have you been curious about how to pair beer with food? If you haven’t tried beer with cheese, you’re missing out. It’s a fantastic combination! This June, certified beer professionals are available in Loblaws stores, at selected locations, to provide guidance with beer selection and food pairings. Whether you’re preparing for dinner, a special occasion, a beery gift or simply looking for new tasty beers to try, our professionals are here to help you find the perfect brew.

The carbonation in beer provides a sparkling contrast to the creamy richness of cheese. It also refreshes your palate, allowing you to fully enjoy each new bite. Beer also highlights different flavours in cheese.

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