Trafalgar Ales & Meads

Trafalgar Ales & Meads

Trafalgar is a craft brewery specializing in uniquely brewed small batches of beer. Founded in August 1993, TBC has grown steadily since its inception and is now recognized as one of Ontario's most progressive small breweries. Trafalgar has maintained an excellent reputation for product and technical innovation.

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1156 Speers Road
Oakville ON L6L 2X4
Phone: (905) 337-0133

Beers Available

Ginger Mead
Ginger Mead
Mead is one of the world's oldest fermented beverages. Trafalgar's Ginger Mead was developed to create a sparkling spicey mead that is unique in Ontario. Trafalgar combines honey from Kilbride, ON with barley from Crysler, ON and a prodigious amount of crushed ginger to produce this fascinating variation. It is packaged in a black ceramic bottle with a champagne closure. Ginger Mead delights the palate. It is best served well chilled.
LCBO #330688 (500 mL bottle)
Hop Nouveau
Hop Nouveau
"Wet" or fresh hopped beers are the most unique true beers available today. Hops are hand picked in Tillsonburg, ON and used the same day in the brewery. Two weeks later the finished beer is shipped directly to LCBO stores. Only 200 cases will be available. Hop Nouveau is brewed in the pale ale style with a medium hop rate. Fresh hops retain volatile flavours that are lost during processing. The flavour is powered by floral and citrus tastes
LCBO #157784 (650 mL bottle)
Mead Braggot
Mead Braggot
The simple mixture of honey, water, and yeast to create Mead is a recipe that reaches back thousands of years, peaking in popularity in the Middle Ages. Our Mead Braggot combines traditional mead with a malt-forward ale to produce a bold, honey-sweet beverage with light carbonation and a refreshing finish. Try this offering with chicken, seafood, or as a compliment to sweet desserts.
LCBO #307900 (500 mL bottle)
Trafalgar Peach Mead
Trafalgar Peach Mead
The peach flavor is so fresh you can feel the peach fuzz against your teeth. Not overly sweet but delicate & floral, thanks to the pure Niagara honey.

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Trafalgar Ales & Meads

Day Trip #1

The Local Craft Brewers Trail
We are located in scenic Oakville, a half hour west of Toronto, Ontario. As chance may have it, all 3 breweries, Trafalgar, Black Oak and Cameron's Breweries are within a 5 minute drive of each other. Why not take a day and see us all while you are here? Compare, contrast and quiz us. For your self guided tour, be sure to download the Ontario Craft Beer Route.

Day Trip #2

The Royal Canadian Golf Association Museum
Located at the world famous Glen Abbey Golf course just 5 minutes from Trafalgar Brewery, this museum is a golf lover's paradise. And what better way to complete your museum visit than a stop at Trafalgar for a tour and pint. Fore!

Don't drink and drive.
Whether you and your friends plan to stay overnight or not, decide on a designated driver before heading to the brewery. For help finding one of Ontario's beautiful inns and hotels, click here.