Old Tomorrow **

Old Tomorrow **

Old Tomorrow was started by the Macdonald family in late 2014 with the passion to celebrate the great country that Canada has become through creating delicious & easy-drinking beers with a distinctive Canadian character. Each beer is made in small batches and is crafted to be flavourful yet easy-going, sessionable & versatile.

Our first beer, Old Tomorrow Canadian Pale Ale or CPA, celebrates Canada and all who have had a hand in making it the greatest country in the world. Unlike traditional IPA's and APA's which can be fairly hoppy, CPA is designed to be full-flavoured but with a softer cleaner finish that's not too bitter - we'd like to say that, like Canadians, it's a bit feisty but very polite! Our other beers offer unique styles and flavours: Track 85 Altbier (2017 Gold-Ontario Brewing Awards), Honey Ginger Shandy "beer cocktail," Monty's Aged Ryed Ale whisky-infused beer or (new in 2017) Light'er Up light lager (4%).

The name Old Tomorrow is inspired by Canada's founding father, Sir John A Macdonald, who earned the nickname for his bold vision and tenacity in creating Canada despite opposition and long odds.


146 Laird Drive Suite 307
Toronto ON M4G3V7
Phone: 4167926553
Phone Alt: 416 779 8917

Beers Available

Canadian Pale Ale
Canadian Pale Ale
Distinctively designed for Canadian tastes, this beer is full bodied, yet smooth with a crisp, clean finish. Blended citrus notes balance the biscuity aroma. Refreshing and satisfying!
LCBO #400853 (473 mL can)
Honey Ginger Shandy
Honey Ginger Shandy
Light & zesty flavor with a hint of ginger. Subtle notes of lemon and honey. Invigorating thirst quencher!
LCBO #467167 (473 mL can)
Light'er Up Canadian Craft Lager
Super crisp, clean and crushable! A premium hand-crafted light lager that is very easy-drinking and sessionable. A perfect thirst quencher on its own or pairs well with salty snacks, spicy fare, BBQ and a range of Asian and Mexican dishes.
Monty's Aged Ryed Ale
Infused with 100% Canadian premium rye whisky and then aged in oak for a mellow, smooth whisky smokiness. Produces subtle notes of caramel, vanilla and honey. At 6.2% alcohol, Monty's is a perfect sipping beer and pairs well with smoked fish, a range of spicy and smoked meats and charcuterie, creamy cheeses, and is awesome over vanilla ice cream for an "adult" style float!
Track 85 AltBier
Track 85 AltBier
Ancient European-style Altbier, the original way fine German lagers were made. Cold conditioning process produces a super crisp and mellow flavor. Very easy-drinking, refreshing & clean. Perfect as a session beer or paired with seafood, lighter fish, BBQ/roasted/grilled meats, smoked meats/game, salads and lighter fare.
LCBO #464255 (473 mL can)

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Old Tomorrow **