Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd.

Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd.

At Old Credit Brewing Company, our goal is to craft a quality Amber Ale, Pale Pilsner and Holiday Honey beer. We brew in small batches with no additives or preservatives to ensure the best flavor and freshness. We use only quality malts, imported hops and specially selected yeast. Water is charcoal filtered to ensure purity. Direct firing in a copper kettle. The beer matures for 8 weeks at 3.5 degrees below 0 to produce our Ice-Aged beer.


6 Queen Street West
Port Credit ON L5H1L4
Phone: (905) 271 9888
Fax: 905 271 3649

Beers Available

Old Credit Amber Ale
Old Credit Amber Ale
- Ruby amber colour - Aromatic bouquet, fruity, nutty - Medium body with distinctive roasted malt character - Thick creamy, fine textured head - Fleeting aftertaste - 5% alcohol content
LCBO #928051 (680 mL bottle)
Old Credit Holiday Honey
Old Credit Holiday Honey
- Red Amber colour - Medium body - Smooth and light - Honey flavour very subtle - Not too sweet - Fleeting aftertaste - 5% alc/vol
Old Credit Pale Pilsner
Old Credit Pale Pilsner
- Pale Colour - Medium body with smooth taste - Thick creamy, fine textured head - Fleeting aftertaste - 5% alcohol content - Available in 680 ml. bottles. - Kegs are available in 58.6 liters,50 lt.30 lt and 19 liters
LCBO #901835 (680 mL bottle)

Tour Hours

Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd.
Please call ahead for tours.
Small groups 1-5 people or large groups. Call ahead to make reservations.

Day Trip #1

A short 15 - 20 minute drive from downtown Toronto on the Q.E.W., heading West toward Hamilton. Take the Mississauga Rd. South exit. 800 yards south of the Q.E.W. Old Credit Brewing Company is located at the corner of Queen St. West and Mississauga Rd.(3 streets North of Lakeshore Rd. West), in Port Credit.

Day Trip #2

With larger groups, appointments are necessary so we can plan the tour according to the numbers and also arrange for a tasting at our pub-style bar on the 2nd floor.

Don't drink and drive. Whether you and your friends plan to stay overnight or not, decide on a designated driver before heading to the brewery. For help finding one of Ontario's beautiful inns and hotels, click here.