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King Brewery

King Brewery is committed to brewing stylistically authentic, ultra premium beer, and offers an unprecedented combination: The craftsmanship and premium nature of Old World brewing, combined with the freshness of a local product.
King Brewery is dedicated to using leading edge thinking and technology to
produced beer that rivals the best imports in both taste and quality.

King Brewery is a multi-award winning brewer with truly authentic world class lagers. King Brewery uses only the finest imported European ingredients in a traditional German style brewery.

Drop by and sample our saaz hoppy Czech style Pilsner and our authentic nutty-chocolate German style Dunkel Dark Lager or our true to style Vienna Lager.

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5645 King Road
Nobleton, ON L0G 1N0
Phone: (905) 859-5464
Fax: (905) 859-7531

King Bock
King Bock
King Bock Light copper to brown colored lager, with attractive garnet highlights. It has a strong malt aroma, with moderate amounts of rich melanoidins and toasty overtones. Virtually no hop aroma. This is a 6.5% alcohol well lagered beer, some alcohol may be noticeable but it maintains the balanced clean crisp finish expected from a traditonal European lager. Its complex maltiness is dominated by the rich flavors of Munich and Vienna malts, which contribute melanoidins and toasty flavors. Some caramel notes and raisin may be present but no roasted flavors as found in dark lager.
King Dark Lager
King Dark Lager
This deliciously dark lager is red-brown in colour, with a thick tan coloured head and a rich, full pate. It delivers a complex yet clean bready taste with a hint of toasted chocolate, and leaves elegant lace lines to the bottom of the glass.
LCBO #698399 (6 x 341 mL bottle) TBS # 1511 (6 Bottle 341 ml)
TBS # 1511 (12 Bottle 341 ml)
TBS # 1511 (24 Bottle 341 ml )
TBS # 1511 (1 Keg 30 L)
King Kellerbier
King Kellerbier
Clear and golden in colour. True to style and well balanced. Flavour is fruity with floral notes and grains with suggestions of honey and clover.
King Pilsbock
King Pilsbock
A deep amber/gold 6.5% alcohol saaz hoppy Bock style lager. It's sweet bready malt flavour is enhanced by the Bock like fruity alcohol. The saaz hops add a spicy, herbal flavour and aroma.
King Pilsner
King Pilsner
King Brewery Pilsner is a bold, full bodied, refreshingly great tasting beer. It delivers a soft texture, complimented by the proper balance of import Pilsner Malt and Czech Saaz Hops. Drinkability is the most important attribute for a beer and King Brewery delivers that 110%. This complex beer provides a more flavourful yet true to style option to some of the more popular imports.
LCBO #911388 (6 x 341 mL bottle) TBS # 1510 (6 Bottle 341 ml)
TBS # 1510 (12 Bottle 341 ml)
TBS # 1510 (24 Bottle 341 ml )
King Vienna Lager
King Vienna Lager
A true to style Vienna Lager. This amber lager is built with the best German Vienna malt and only noble hops. Toffee and toasted flavours are up front followed by a crisp dry noble hop finish.
LCBO #243410 (341 mL bottle) TBS # 1512 (6 Bottle 341 ml)
TBS # 1512 (9 Bottle 341 ml)
TBS # 1512 (24 Bottle 341 ml )

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