High Park Brewery Ltd. **

High Park Brewery Ltd. **

High Park Brewery was established in Toronto by John, Dan, Ted and Jeff, four long time hockey buddies and craft beer lovers. We are all local High Park area residents and so it made sense to name the company after our 'hood: High Park Brewery. We are committed to making exceptional beer using the finest ingredients, and are strong supporters of local and community events and suppliers.

High Park Brewery recently leased space on Runnyede Rd in Toronto and is in the process of building a brewery and taproom. In the meantime we are brewing under contract using our own recipes and our fermenters.

Please ask for our beer in your local bar or restaurant.

** = Brewing under contract.

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839 Runnymede Rd
Toronto ON
Phone: 416 995 7464

Beers Available

Across the Pond English Special Ale
Across the Pond English Special Ale
Across the Pond English (Extra) Special Ale ABV: 5.5% IBU: 42.1 A moderately strong English ale, this beer uses a combination of speciality English hops to deliver a moderate hop aroma with subtle supporting malt accents. The hop bitterness is noticeable but does not dominate the malt flavours. Golden in colour, with hint of copper and a medium-light body. A gentle warmth and a light caramel finish may be noticeable.
LCBO #481069 (473 mL can)
Against the Grain Lager
Against the Grain Lager
Against the Grain Lager ABV: 4.5% IBU: 19.8 This clean, crisp, lager is brewed in the German style with a mixture of traditional malts. This beer is refreshing with a medium dry finish. There is a moderately low maltiness and a slight sweetness to achieve overall balance and added flavour. This beer projects a light body and medium carbonation to a clean finish with no fruity esters.
LCBO #497941 (473 mL can)
Off the Leash  Unfiltered IPA
Off the Leash Unfiltered IPA
Off the Leash India Pale Ale (IPA) ABV: 6.5% IBU: 57.1 This unique strong ale balances a combination of English and more intense US West Coast hops. It is served unfiltered for freshness and added flavour. While this beer projects a noticeable hop aroma, the citrusy and/or fruity characteristics are combined with specialty malts to deliver a well-balanced overall flavour and a smooth-to-light mouth-feel. The colour is medium gold with a reddish copper tint.
LCBO #497925 (473 mL can)
Over the Wall Scottish Ale
Over the Wall Scottish Ale
Over the Wall ABV: 5.2% IBU: 36 is a Scottish style ale and a nod to Hadrian's Wall, started by th4e Roman Emperor in the year 122AD to keep the Picts (Scots) out of Britannia. This beer combines mild smoky and peaty notes with generous amounts of specialty malts for a smooth, resulting in a well balanced taste and aroma that even an Emperor would appreciate. It was voted 2017 Champion at the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies Spring Bevy.
Under the Sakura Cherry Blossom Lager
Under the Sakura Cherry Blossom Lager
Under the Sakura ABV: 4.3% IBU: 18 is a light wheat based lager with a subtle hint of cherry aroma and flavour. We wanted to create a unique and easy drinking lager to celebrate the annual spring cherry blossom festival in High Park and partnered with a Niagara cherry farmer to use Ontario grown cherries in our beer. The word 'Sakura' is Japanese for Cherry Blossom tree and there is a long-standing Japanese tradition, called 'Hanami', of picnicking under these blooming trees - this is why we named our beer Under the Sakura. Look for it in local bars and restaurants.

Tour Hours

Please call ahead for tours.

Contract Brewer. No tours at this time.

High Park Brewery Ltd. **