Cameron's Brewing Company

Cameron's Brewing Company

Cameron's Brewing Company is an award winning family run craft brewery based in Oakville, Ontario. With over 100 brewing excellence awards in our 17-year history, Cameron's Brewing Company is a true craft brewery. We have been passionately brewing our all natural ales and lagers since 1997 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Original founder, Cameron Howe, began his journey with the idea of introducing quality craft beer into the Ontario marketplace. What started as a mere hobby quickly turned into a flourishing small business. Today, Cameron's Brewing Company remains true to its roots, with a dedicated team of beer experts committed to brewing quality, award-winning, locally crafted beer.

Cameron's is committed to brewing beer of exceptional taste and quality. Its brewing experts relentlessly pursue the development of new styles and the perfection of its classic ales and lagers using the world's finest all-natural ingredients. Cameron's award winning products have been recognized over 100 times at local, national and worldwide brewing awards. In September 2012, Dow Scoggins, President of Beer Info compiled all the votes between the US Open Championship, the Great American Beer Festival as well as the World Beer Cup awards and Cameron's Lager was voted #1 German Pilsner. This is in addition to the five Ontario Brewing Awards, three Canadian Brewing Award, three Australian Brewing Awards and one World Cup of Beer Award that the Brewer has already been awarded this year.

By adhering to traditional brewing practices using the finest ingredients available, along with our unmatched expertise, we are true beer artisans. As a brewery, we are both environmentally and socially conscious in our day-to- day practices.


1165 Invicta Drive
Oakville ON L6H 4M1
Phone: (905) 849-8282
Fax: (905) 849-5578
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Beers Available

CAMERON'S 12 Mile India Pale Lager
Early pioneers assembled for social gatherings at the gristmill on Twelve Mile Creek to enjoy food, drink and tell stories of their travels and adventures. This is our inspiration for a new, innovative style of beer that is adventurous and flavourful. A unique fusion of spirited new world hops balanced with a special lager yeast creates a cultured body with tropical fruit and citrus notes. This India Pale Lager is ideal for both IPA and Lager aficionados.
CAMERON'S Ambear Ale
The wild black bear has a lot in common with our Ambear Ale. Both are complex, intelligent and incredibly unique. This West Coast style ale uses caramel malt and citrusy, Cascade mountain hops to create layers of delicious depth. Enjoy the generous hop aroma and smooth maltiness, followed by a tasty finish.
LCBO #286583 (6 x 341 mL bottle)
CAMERON'S Bamberg Castle Smoked Ale
In the town of Bamberg, home of smoked beers, the Bishop would not grant citizens any land to construct a town hall. The resourceful and crafty townsfolk rallied and rammed piles into the river to createan island, on which they built their castle. Our German Rauchbier is equally ingenious. Made from pale barley smoked with beech wood, this town hall of beverages has a smoky, sweet aroma and hints of candied bacon.
CAMERON'S Black Forest Dark Lager
Cameron's Dark 266 4.5% ABV is a rare breed of beer that was originally brewed as a one-off draught for one of our specialty beer bars. The demand for an encore was so persistent that that we had to bottle it and share it with everyone. Specialty imported hops and dark malts result in a chestnut coloured lager with a wonderful lacy head. Taste the deliciousness of a North American Lager with the complexity of a German Schwarzbier.
LCBO #679837 (6 x 341 mL bottle)
CAMERON'S Brewmaster's Selection
CAMERON'S Captain's Log Lager
Cameron's Lager 5% ABV is pale golden in colour, this European lager is brewed with "noble hops", the term noble hop refers to traditional varieties that have low bitterness and high aroma that have been grown for hundreds of years. Only the finest two-row malted barley is used. Never rushed, this lager is fermented cold and long, to create a crisp, fresh and great for easy-drinking occasions.
LCBO #243741 (473 mL can)
LCBO #286609 (341 mL bottle)
CAMERON'S Cosmic Cream Ale
Cameron's Cream Ale 5% ABV is the beer that started our company. Hailed by Toronto Life in 1998 as "best new beer of the year", this elegant golden ale is crisp, refreshing and balanced with a fruity backbone. Described in a recent blog as "a somewhat different take on the cream ale, possessing a strong malty taste and a clear British hop presence, but with a clean taste that is reminiscent of lager... a beer that is subtle and quite unique." Brewed with two-row malted barley and specialty hops from the UK, Cameron's Cream Ale is a dimensional beer that is refreshing in the summer and comforting in the colder seasons.
LCBO #286575 (6 x 341 mL bottle)
CAMERON'S Dark & Sticky India Brown Ale
A delicious combination of two classic styles in one artfully crafted beer: that's Dark and Sticky. This India Brown Ale mixes a hop-filled IPA with a well-balanced brown ale, combining the best of both worlds. The rich, dark full bodied malt profile is perfectly complimented with an intense dry hop of Idaho 7 and Falconers Flight giving this beer its "Dark and Sticky" deliciousness.
Cameron's Deviator Doppelbock - Bourbon-Barrel Aged
Cameron's Deviator Doppelbock (Bourbon Barrel Aged) is a unique brew that is based on our previous award-winning Doppelbock releases. It is 8.6% ABV and best served 8-10 C in a tapered glass such as a snifter. Doppelbocks are Teutonic-inspired dark lagers that feature imported German malt and were served by the Bavarian monks during times of fasting as "liquid bread." This version of Cameron's Deviator Doppelbock has been aged for six months in Kentucky bourbon barrels. This process lends to a smooth, toasted vanilla notes, and layered upon the complex malty body.
LCBO #363887 (650 mL bottle)
Cameron's Obsidian Imperial Porter - Rum-Barrel Aged
Cameron's Obsidian Imperial Porter Rum Barrel Aged is next in the Barrel Aged Series. Obsidian Imperial Porter is 9.2% Alcohol by Volume and is offered in a 650ml bottle. Dark & intriguing as the midnight sky, Cameron's OBSIDIAN Imperial Porter is loaded with magnificent and robust flavour. Aged for seven months in Caribbean rum barrels, roasted malt and chocolate character abound in this velvety nectarous ale
LCBO #344036 (650 mL bottle)
CAMERON'S One-Eyed Grouse English Style Ale
Wandering the grounds of an abandoned farmstead or hiking through the stillness of a spruce stand is where you're most likely to spot this most elusive of birds. Just as rare, our special edition One-Eyed Grouse ESA only emerges once a year in limited quantities. This English Style Ale, orange in colour, has a balanced malt character that delivers hints of cereal and candied plum. Its initial fruity bitterness drives through to pleasant, earthy, floral hop notes. Very quenching. Don't miss your chance to enjoy it.

Tour Hours

Please call ahead for tours.
Cameron's Signature Tour - $10
Receive a tour of the Brewery and tastings of our award-winning beers. The tour also includes a Cameron's souvenir bottle opener.

Tour and Brewmaster Series Mixer Pack - $20
Take a tour of our brewery and enjoy samples of our award-winning beers PLUS get a mixer pack with four of our beers to take home and enjoy.

Tour and T-Shirt $25
Enjoy a tour of our brewery and tastings of our beers, and at the end, take home a souvenir t-shirt.
Tours are given on Saturdays at 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. We ask that tours be booked in advance. Groups of 2-150 are welcome. We can schedule tours on Sundays for groups of 10 or more with advance notice. Email Us for more information.