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Celebrating OCBers at Annual Golden Tap Awards! No Comments »

The Golden Tap Awards are a celebration of Ontario craft brewing and culture. This year, the awards weekend kicked off with a seven course dinner on Friday night featuring seven Ontario craft breweries and beers – the first Ontario craft beer dinner ever at Beerbistro. The Golden Tap Awards continued with an all-Ontario craft beer festival where the awards were handed out to winners on Saturday August 21st 2010. Thanks to the OCB beer lovers that supported Craft Brewers through the 2010 voting process and to the folks at Beerbistro for hosting – again!

The winners of the 2010 Golden Tap Awards were: 

  • Best Microbrewery in Ontario: Beau’s All-Natural Brewing Company 
  • Best Brewery for Cask-Conditioned Ale in Ontario (presented in partnership with CASK!): Granite Brewery 
  • Best Bar for Draught Beer Selection in Ontario: C’est What 
  • Best Bar for Bottled Beer Selection in Ontario: Bar Volo 
  • Best Brewpub or Tied House in Ontario: Granite Brewery 
  • Best Bar for Cask Ale in Ontario (presented in partnership with CASK!): Bar Volo 
  • Best Regularly-Produced Beer in Ontario: Beau’s Lug-Tread Lagered Ale 
  • Best Seasonal or Specialty Beer in Ontario: Black Oak Ten Bitter Years 
  • Best Cask Ale in Ontario (presented in partnership with CASK!): Granite Hopping Mad 
  • Editor’s Circle Award: Great Lakes Caskapalooza ? Editor’s Circle Award: Drinkvine 
  • Editor’s Circle Award: Milos Kral & Chancey Smith’s ? Editor’s Circle Award: Brian Morin & beerbistro 
  • Best Beer of the Festival: Church Key Black IPA

Get out there and discover these great restraunts, breweries and brews today… if you not sure where to start… we can help!!

YOU can also look forward to celebrating the Canadian Brewing Awards in September… stay tuned to OCB website for winners listing!

Lovin’ Those Lagers No Comments »

Mirella Amto of
Part 5 of a series.

From the dark into light; there is something for every taste

OCB breweries produce a wide range of Lagers. Having explored crisp golden Pilsners in the last podcast, this month we turn out attention to amber and dark Lagers.  Find out what distinguishes Lagers from Ales, and which aromas and flavours are generally found in darker Lagers. Mirella Amato of Beerology chats with two OCB Lager brewers: Ryan Morrow, brewmaster for Nickel Brook Beer and Ryan Demler, brewer for Cameron Brewing Co. about their brands.

In the second half of the podcast, taste along with the two Ryans as they sample the Nickel Brook Organic Lager and the Cameron?’s Dark 266, exploring the complex aromas and flavours in these two darker lagers. Stay tuned until the end to witness a new OCB collaboration!

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