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Celebrating Highway 61 No Comments »


In one short year Highway 61 has established itself as one of Toronto’s top barbecue joints, the apparent road to rib heaven, a local favorite for great food and local pints and a true Ontario Craft Beer supporter.

Highway 61 is celebrating their 1st Anniversary, so now is as good a time as ever to walk through the doors and inhale the aroma of Toronto’s most delicious and authentic barbecue.  Kick back and enjoy their extensive collection of Blues and Classic Rock and savour a few of their many featured craft beers.  Be sure to tell the folks at Highway 61 that we sent you.

Here’s a great review:

“With the advent of gas grills and hectic schedules, the art of true barbeque has been lost.  Highway 61 is all about low and slow, with lots of smoke.”

Highway 61 is located at:  1620 Bayview Avenue in Toronto.  (416) 489-7427

Cheers Highway 61 and thanks for supporting Ontario Craft Beer.

OCB Discovery Pack 4 Goes For Gold (Amber, Porter, and Brown) No Comments »

OCB Discovery Pack 4
It's hard to believe the Olympics are here already. Kudos to the brewmasters at the OCB for putting together the OCB Discovery Pack 4, and its six-pack of medal-winning beers, with its message of support for our athletes. It's truly a golden offering — and not just because the colour of the Wellington SPA, Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion, and Cameron's Cream Ale emulate that colour.  Indeed, with selections like Mill Street Coffee Porter, Old Credit Amber Ale, and Black Oak Nut Brown Ale, there are plenty of other colours in the mix besides gold.

Perhaps this all-star teaming of great but diverse beers is the perfect metaphor as the Games begin. Over 5,000 athletes from 80 countries have come to compete in 86 events, and hundreds of millions of people planetwide will be watching. All hype and long-lost amateurism aside, the Olympics are still also about harmony and cooperation through sport. Go Earth!

Nevertheless, we'll be forgiven if we want Canada to do well on our home turf, and no self-resepcting Canuck would begrudge a record haul of medals for our athletes. After all, like the beers in the Discovery Pack 4, it's not enough to come from great ingredients and to look good, you also have to have a great finish.

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