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An Interview with Adrian Popowycz of Black Oak Brewing No Comments »

Black Oak’s Adrian Popowycz In this episode we interview Adrian Popowycz, the head brewer at Black Oak Brewing, in Toronto's West End. With a degree in chemistry plus classical brewing training in Europe, Adrian brings both knowledge and passion to his craft.

Ontario Brewers on Ontario Beer 1 Comment »

Mirella interviewing Tim
Hi everyone! As many of you will remember, a few months back, I sat down with a number of Ontario brewers to chat about the current state of the Ontario Beer scene… Last week, my friend Joel Schonewille and I reviewed the footage and assembled our third TAPS audio podcast which focuses entirely on Beer in Ontario: what it’s like, where it’s going etc… and I thought you might enjoy listening to it.
You can hear it here, and if you are interested in previous podcasts, you can find them on my website here.
Let me know what you think!

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