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Beer Geek Speak 1 Comment »

Don’t be offended… I use the term ‘beer geek’ in the absolute NICEST way possible!

I’ve just spent some time speaking with and hosting some ‘Lunch N Learn’ sessions with some passionate beer enthusiasts at the LCBO. Out of interest, I asked some of the attendees whether or not they are/would be offended if/when refered to as ‘beer geeks’ (a term used widely here in Ontario to describe true craft beer enthusiasts that know a lot about our wonderful industry).
Mirella Amato of beerology fame (our partner and self-professed ‘geek’) says it is a term of endearment and one that she wears proudly!

I love hosting these learning sessions… for a bunch of reasons… one of which is I get to partner with great enthusiasts such as Mirella… but I also get to expand my own beer knowledge… or simply put: I just enjoy great tasting beer! Working for the OCB has broadened my beer experiences (that is a huge understatement) and driven me to learn more and more about the art of craft brewing.

Why am I telling you all this, you may be asking?? Well, I visit a lot of beer sites… and found one over in England that some of you ‘beer geek wannabe’s like me’ may enjoy:

Finally – can’t resist the (some may call it shameless) ‘plug’… we’ve been on the road talking about the OCB’s latest Discovery Pack. If you are looking for some really super easy recipes and some great holiday entertaining tips… check out our recipes!

Cheers All!

Black Oak brewery No Comments »

When is Black Oak going to be open in thier new locaction?

Hey Ken, give your loyal fans some idea. I am constantly being asked this question, give us a clue?

We don’t want to phone a friend, we need to know so that we can tell all your loyal supporters how and what is going on. Get back to us on this……..we really need an update!!

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