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The OCB is Launching its 2nd Discovery Pack In November 2 Comments »

Everyone’s getting ready for halloween… but here at the OCB… we CAN’T WAIT for November… because we are launching our second Discovery Pack exclusively through the LCBO (PC#617084) in Ontario! We anticipate the great new mix of 6 NEW BEERS to be on the shelf by the end of the first to second week of November… and it won’t be soon enough!!!

The Ontario Craft Brewers invite you to explore our great tasting craft beers. Whether you are a beer connoisseur, or you simply like to explore, this second “OCB Discovery Pack” offers a hand selected combination of unique Ales and  a Pilsner – from our brewers to you. With over 140 different beers to choose from at the OCB, we’re sure there’s one that will taste just right for you. Have fun = Explore Ontario Craft Brewers’ beer in this 2nd Edition of the OCB Discovery Pack!

You know we love to talk beer… so come back.. and tell us what you think of this new mix of 6 great Ontario brews! You never know… we may even take your feedback and some of your suggestions into consideration as we start building the 3rd Edition of the OCB Discovery Pack!

We hope you enjoy this 2nd Edition of the OCB Discovery Pack as much as we enjoyed making it for you!!

Cheers! From all of us at the OCB!

Cheers to the new brewmaster from Germany 1 Comment »

The rumors are true: At the end of a busy summer season, a renowned German brewmaster has joined the growing Barley Days Brewery in the heart of Prince Edward County. “We are glad to have found a professional with abundant education, knowledge and passion for making beer”, stated Christopher Rogers, who owns the brewery together with his wife Norah. “ When we are going to increase our volume next year, we will need an excellent full-time brewmaster who is in charge. So many people are fond of our beers, and we will not let them down.”

Jan Hinrich Rorig, brewmaster and hobby-chef, is the man who has gladly accepted the challenge. After his secondary school degree and a 3-year-apprenticeship Jan went to college in southern Germany to gather even more knowledge, and was awarded with his master craftsman diploma. For 8 years he made his way up the career ladder at the Radeberger Gruppe, Germany’s largest brewery group. At the time he left for Ontario, he was responsible for 90 brewers and an incredible annual production volume of 1.5 million hectolitres. In his free-time, he brewed his own beer and sold it in his brewpub in a small Hessian village. “What I really wanted was to go back to honest craftsmanship, and that you can only find in a small brewery”, Rorig said. “I like making beer with my own hands so much more than pressing buttons. When I heard about the growing craft brewery market in Ontario, noone could stop me from going there.”

Rorig became a brewmaster in the first place, because he asked himself as a youth how it could possibly work to turn barley and hops into beer. Fifteen years later, Jan is still fond of coming up with new answers. “Beer is the most complex food product in the world. In a single beer there are several hundred different aromas, many more than in wines, for example. To make a well-balanced beer it takes knowledge, experience and a good portion of luck. And no matter how much you know, only trial and error along with passion for detail and endless patience will get you where you want”, stated Jan. And according to him, there are many different factors that determine the unique taste of a beer, the recipe, the area where the hops were grown, the quality of the water and every piece of equipment being only some of them. “Making beer is never a Sunday afternoon walk, but when it finally tastes even better than you imagined, it is worth every effort you put into it and a thousand more”, the brewmaster said.

At the time, Rorig and the owners are busy developing ideas. “We are working on a classical Canadian Lager and are also looking forward to delighting our customers with new seasonal specialty beers”, confided Christopher Rogers. Rorig even admitted that he would love to introduce a real German wheat beer to Canada. It definitely will be worthwhile to drop by the Barley Days Brewery to see and taste the results.

Cafe Volo Cask Days 2008 No Comments »

Join many Ontario Craft Brewers this weekend at Cafe Volo for Cask Days.


For more information please click here

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THE OCB is happy to support Oliver as he prepares for another great day trip experience!
The first ever, Ontario Fall Colours Beer Tour!
A country day-tour of discovery, the Ontario Fall Colours Beer Tour explores the historic beer-brewing counties of Grey and Wellington. Starting and ending in Toronto, beer lovers will enjoy a day that includes a steam train ride, scenic country drives, three Ontario Craft Brewery visits, tutored tastings, lunch, a gourmet Beer Dinner, bus transportation and the services of international beer expert, Oliver Dawson.
With the arrival of German immigrants in the mid 19th century, Grey and Wellington Counties became known for their thriving local brewing industry. Today, town names such as Carlsruh, Neustadt and Hannover remind us of a rich cultural heritage. At the same time, the mineral-rich artesian waters in Wellington County, especially around Guelph, gave rise to an equally prosperous brewing industry.
On our Ontario Fall Colours Beer Tour, we explore the revival of traditional brewing in the area, with visits to Neustadt and Formosa Springs Breweries, as well as Wellington County Brewery, known for its traditional English ales. Our day will be capped off with a gourmet Beer Dinner at Guelph’s landmark pub, the Woolwich Arms.
History, culture, rural autumn scenery, great food and beer come together to make the Ontario Fall Colours Beer Tour a refreshing and educational voyage of discovery.
Where: Departing and returning to the York Mills Subway station (8:45 am to 10:00 pm approx.)
When: Saturday, October 18th 2008
How much: $199 pp. everything included.
How many: Room for twenty beer lovers
Since 1998, the Beer Lovers Tour Company has offered extraordinary tours and events for all beer-lovers with a taste for the finer things in life. Whether in Europe, the UK., or on the Old Toronto Beer Tour, the Beer Lovers’ Tour Company offers something special to anyone interested in beer.
For more information, please contact the company founder and host Oliver Dawson at: 905 850-9570 or through the web site:

Ontario Fall Colours Beer Tour

Saturday, October 18 , 2008
Join us for an exciting fall colours beer tour as we explore the art and craft of brewing in historic Grey and Wellington Counties. A steam train ride, scenic country drives, thirst-quenching pints, Ontario Craft Brewery visits and lots of good food will make this day a refreshing Saturday escape.

Departing York Mills (TTC parking lot), Toronto by coach at 8:45 a.m., our first stop will be Tottenham, Ontario to ride the historic Simcoe Steam Train to Beeton and back. This is a wonderful way to take in the fall colours. Snacks will be offered.

Then it is off to Neustadt to the famous Neustadt Springs Brewery, whose structure dates back to the mid 19th Century. Lunch awaits us there, as well as VIP tour of the brewery and the original caveau. Naturally, the wonderful lagers and ales of the Neustadt Springs Brewery, will be a big part of this experience.

A guided tour of the town of Neustadt will feature highlights that include the John Diefenbaker Homestead and an historic Mill and Tavern.
Then it is off to the nearby town of Formosa for a brief visit to the historic Formosa Springs Brewery, dating back to the 1870’s.

Back on the coach for a scenic drive to Guelph where we will pay a VIP visit and enjoy a tasting of the fine English-styled Ales of the Wellington County Brewery, Canada’s oldest independently-owned brewery.

Dinner will be enjoyed at the Woolwich Arms in Downtown Guelph.
Four delicious courses will be paired with a selection of local brews.
Following dinner we will reboard the coach for our return to Toronto.

Price is only $199* per person and includes: all beer samples and VIP tours, lunch, dinner, coach transportation, historic train ride and hosting by beer expert, Oliver Dawson.
For more information please call Oliver at:
905-850-9570. Seating is limited to 20.

*Note: This pricing is based on a minimum of 15. Fewer participants might require a modest surcharge for the coach. You will be notified prior to departure if this becomes necessary.
Oliver Dawson
The Beer Lovers’ Tour Co.
Tel: 905-850-9570


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