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Dogfish Head/Beer Bistro Dinner 4 Comments »

Ontario Craft Brewers and Dogfish Head at Beer Bistro

The much anticipated Dogfish Head dinner at Beer Bistro finally became a reality last night, and I was lucky enough to snag a ticket in time.

The venue was great, being small enough to hold about 60 or 70 beer lovers and allowing us all the chance to meet Sam Calagione, the owner/brewer/founder of Dogfish Head.

He’s the definition of craft beer: passionate about great beer, really down to earth and supportive. He was happy to answer all my questions as we sampled some of his incredible beers, including Raison d’Extra, DFH 120 Minute IPA and the ridiculous Worldwide Stout. Sam also tried our Devil’s Pale Ale and was quite complementary, finding it very well balanced.

The food was top notch, 9 courses each paired perfectly with a DFH beer. And then the Stout to close out the night. Perfect.

Something tells me that when DFH 60 Minute IPA finally lands at the LCBO, it’s not going to have any trouble selling…

Ontario Brewer Podcast #19 – Cameron’s Brewing, Jason Ellsmere No Comments »


Show Notes:

Episode 19

Interview Jason Ellsmere from Cameron’s Brewing

01:05 –  In this episode Jason takes a few minutes to talk about the Cameron’s Brewing blog

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A Day In The Life of Neustadt 4 Comments »

Hey Guys and Gals

 Last week was a memorable one for Neustadt. It started off with us winning a coveted SCOBI award which was awarded from five Chamber of Commerce for Busines of the year Excellence, this is the secound time we have won this award…we were thrilled… we felt we must have been doing something right somewhere!

Then it was pay back time……….My 3 year old Grandaughter was visiting from England… who loves trying on everybodies shoes and left Gran’s shoes all over the dressing room. I got up in the night to use the loo not putting the light on so not to disturb Andrew and whoa and behold I fell over the shoes and ended up in Owen Sound Hospital with a smashed wrist in surgery for 12 hours and had it all wirded up so I am out of the game for at least 8 weeks ……. the guys were worried because it was my pay check writing hand!

The same day Andrew was taking my daughter and granddaughter back to the airport when he had just hit the Arther/ Orangeville road and he was following a truck when a guy on the opposite side of the road decieded to fall asleep at the weel and plowed into the truck in front missing Andrew by 2 whisker… by the time he had finished diverting traffick and waiting for the emergency crews he made the airport by 2 minutes…. needless to say the driver lived and the truck driver was in shock …like Andrew.

Hello Operator on tour with Cameron’s Brewing Co. No Comments »

Hey Craft Beer Lovers

A great Ontario band going by the name Hello Operator has wrapped up their spring tour and took some pretty funny videos that feature Cameron’s Brewing Company Beers.2503481113_52597170d9.jpg

Check out one of the videos here

Check out Hello Operators Website here.

Have a great weekend.

Jason E.

OCB Beer Personality – Find Out What Kind Of Beer Drinker You Are 3 Comments »

Check out the OCB website where you can answer 5 questions and get a customized list of great OCB Beers (including their LCBO Codes – so you can go to your neighbourhood store and find it!). Each beer is custom picked for the TYPE OF OCB BEER PERSONALITY you are!
Have fun – and let us know what you think!!!

Ontario Brewer Podcast #19 – Nickel Brook, Peter Romano No Comments »

Show Notes:

Episode 19

Interview Peter Romano from Nickel Brook Beers

01:05 –  In this episode I talk with Peter about Nickel Brook’s unique Apple Pilsner, Organic Larger and Organic WhiteÂ

Theme Music Our theme music is Endless Flight by Mark Christopher and its from the Podsafe Music NetworkÂ

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The Old Toronto Beer Tour 2 Comments »

The Old Toronto Beer Tour
If you’re looking for a great way to spend Saturday afternoon, please allow me to suggest the Old Toronto Beer Tour…

Did you know that in the late 1800s there were 13 competing breweries in Toronto?

Now that you do, aren’t you wondering what might be left of them? The truth is that there are a couple of brewery façades in the city but you have to know where to look… alternately you’re welcome to join myself or Oliver “the ambassador of beer” Dawson as we guide you through a 6-hour beer tour of Toronto!

During the day, we’ll tell you all about the brewing history of Ontario, starting from the first settlers right through to the craft beer movement of the 80s. We will visit a number of beer landmarks throughout the day. Of course we will also take you on brewery tours and provide guided tastings of many local Ontario Craft Beers. At the end of the day, you are free to either wander the Distillery District, home to the fabulous Mill St. Brewery, or crown the day’s events with a fabulous four-course meal at The Granite Brewery (beer included!).
The Granite
To find out more, click here, or e-mail us at:

Share Your OCB Discovery Pack Experience!!! 7 Comments »

The OCB Discovery Pack is a special six-pack sampler featuring a half-dozen unique and refreshing pre-selected OCB beer brands. It’s on the shelves now!! Visit your local LCBO to pick up this great pack!

The brands featured in Discovery Pack No. 1 are: Wellington Special Pale Ale, Great Lakes Red Leaf Lager, Walkerville Amber Lager, Mill Street Organic Lager, Lakes of Muskoka Cream Ale, and Brick J.R. Brickman Pilsner. Check out the Ontario Craft Brewers webiste to learn more about the OCB Discovery Pack and pick up some great recipe tips!

We’d love to hear what you think and hear some of your adventures while you ‘Discover’ these and other great Ontario Craft Brewers Brands this summer! Tell us what you think of these beers, and to give us your suggestions as to which beers should be inluded in our next Discovery Pack.

Cheers! and Happy Discovery with the OCB!

LCBO District #11 Visits Ontario Craft Brewers 3 Comments »

Last year, I had the pleasure of sitting beside Chris Elliot (District Manager for the LCBO) at a Beer Guys & Gals training session. The LCBO “Beer Guys & Gals” are the brilliant group of people that the LCBO employs and trains to help and to empower YOU beer lovers to explore the ever-expanding beer section at the LCBO. When Chris and I met, we talked about having some of his store managers ‘live in the shoes of an OCB brewer for a day’….. well…. as we all know – time fly’s by and we pulled the day together just last week!

The OCB hosted the Chris Elliot and 15 of his managers from District 11 (Mississauga/Oakville/Burlington). The group visited 5 OCB breweries: Cameron’s Brewing Company, Black Oak Brewing Company, Great Lakes Brewery, Nickel Brook Beers, and Trafalgar Brewing Company.

Attendees spent the morning at these breweries and enjoyed a brewery tour, a quick sampling of some of OCB beer… and then it was time to work!! Though not all the breweries were brewing that day…. there’s never a shortage of work to be done! Attendees were put to work doing quality checks (with some sampling of beer in the early stages of ‘brewing’ cycle), Kettles were scrubbed… and so much more. Not to worry though – fun was had by all!

Following a morning of work, the group were invited by Mike Arnold of Trafalgar brewing to enjoy chef George’s great food at The Tide House! Everyone enjoyed a fantastic meal, with food made with beer (the chilli is my personal favourite!) along with a beer matching (who can resist the Maple Beer?!). The OCB shared some insight as to all the exciting things happening this summer – including the OCB’s Discovery Pack re-launch!

The OCB was really pleased to have Chris and his team visit a few of our breweries for the day! I always say that the best way to experience the OCB is to visit the brewery first hand! Thank you Chris for your enthusiasm and for your continued support as the OCB builds our partnership with the LCBO!

Enjoy a couple of photo’s from the day – we hope to see some of Chris’s team ‘jump on this blog’ and share some of their experiences from the day!

Relaxing after a day’s work at OCB Brewery!

Relaxing after a day’s work at an OCB Brewery!

Trafalgar Chef: George

Trafalgar Chef: George


LCBO’s Chris Elliot

Ontario Brewer Podcast #18 – Mill Street Brewery, Steve Abrams No Comments »


Show Notes:

Episode 17

Interview Steve Abrams from the Mill Street Brewery

01:05 –  In this episode Steve talks about the Mill Street Pub, some of the fabulous beers available on tap and a special award of recognition they received last year.Â

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