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Craft Brewers Conference No Comments »

Howdy all,

Well, somehow we all survived the trip to San Diego for the Annual Craft Brewers Conference. Don’t ask me how…especially with a daytrip to Tijuana thrown in for good measure.

Anetta, Peter, Mike and I all made the trek down and were joined by a bunch of our fellow OCB members. The brave souls included John from Church Key, the two Jason’s from Cameron’s, George from F&M, Doug from St. Andre’s, Steve and Matt from Beau’s, and some other familiar faces including Chris from the Rhino (great bar at Queen & Dufferin), Paul from Pepperwood Bistro in Burlington, and Mirella from Beerology. Quite a crew!

We attended a number of interesting seminars, none of which were better than one called “Thinking Outside the Pumpkin” with the three wise men from the US: David Buhler from Elysian, Marty Jones from Oskar Blues, and Greg Koch from Stone. Not only the most inspring seminar, but by far the funniest too. We listened to their stories and those from the audience on how to get attention from consumers and the media by, well, thinking outside the pumpkin. So stay tuned for some fun Great Lakes events in the future (such as our Orange Peel Ale release party…more info to come).

The highlight of the trip for me was visiting Stone in Escondido. It was the Disneyland of breweries. Unbelievable. I was fortunate enough to go twice, once for the opening reception with 1500 other brewers, and secondly for a private tour and lunch on their ridiculous patio. If you’re ever anywhere even remotely close to this place, you owe it to yourself to stop in for a visit.

All in all, it was an amazing trip, and it has inspired me to get in touch with our customers more than ever while continuing to brew great beer. Stay tuned for a Great Lakes blog page where we’ll have lots of fresh news…

What makes a Light Beer a Light Beer? 4 Comments »

I had the pleasure of enjoying a few OCB beers with friends over the weekend (admittedly… we don’t let non-OCB beer cross our threshold)… and a ‘health consious’ friend of mine (who’s training for a marathon and watching his weight) asked me a few questions about ‘Light’ Beer

–> What makes a light beer light? And… why don’t more of the OCB members make a light beer?

–> Are there any OCB brands that would meet ‘qualifications’ for a light beer but just aren’t branded that way for some reason????

Clearly.. this friend is a beer lover… with a lot of questions! I thought I’d turn these questions over to the experts – the brewers and ambassadors of the OCB. (I asked my friend… who visits our blog regularly… to keep an eye out for my post.. and your responses!)


World Beer Cup No Comments »

Hey has anyone checked out Camrtons web site.

Those two Jasons really hit the high .life down in San Dieago ……..thank god he left his suit at home.

Hob knobbing with all those American brewers,who knows what Ontario can expect in beer when they return.

Cheers and have a great time guys, I only wish we could afford the time to join you!


Ontario Brewer Podcast #17 – The Brewers Plate 2 Comments »


Show Notes:

Episode 16

Interview Chris Lowry, Network Director, Green Enterprise Toronto. Paul de Campo, Chair of Slow Food Toronto. Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy Kitchens

01:05 –  This episode was taped at the first annual Brewers Plate in Toronto, an event that paired OCB beers with gourmet dishes all made from local ingredients.  The event was a collaborative effort between Green Enterprise Toronto, Slow Food Toronto and Local Food Plus.  Cameron’s, Mill St, Black Oak and Wellington were all in attendance. Â

In this episode Chris Lowry from Green Enterprise Toronto discusses the event, how the idea came about and why supporting locally produced food is so important. Paul de Campo from Slow Food Toronto discusses what Slow Food is and the roll local brewers play in supporting the Slow Food movement.  Finally Jamie Kennedy from Jamie Kennedy Kitchens talks about why he is supporting the event and what he does at his restaurants to support the local food movement.Â

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Congratulations! 2 Comments »

Congratulations to Camerons on thier enviromental award. Well deserved guy’s!

 Talking about congratulations, has anyone checked out and the article called “sipping along” written by our OCB multi talented Marketing Director Mary MacIsaac. (Please don’t give your day job up yet Mary we need you!)……….. Although reading her bio it makes it seem as if she takes her work home (beer).

Well the snow up here in Neustadt is slowly going, so we know spring is here. We have had all the spring run off and flooding we can cope with and we are now ready for some sun and hot beer drinking weather, Yeah! We are getting ready for another busy summer season. Our Cavern and brewery tours are filling up fast, we are now booking for July, so don’t miss out book early, to avoid disapointment.

Ontario Brewer Podcast #16 – Great Canadian Pubs and Beer, Troy Burtch 2 Comments »


Show Notes:

Episode 16

Interview Troy Burtch of Great Canadian Pubs and Beer BlogÂ

01:05 – Troy fills us in on his background and how he has become such an accomplished beer blogger and TAPS Magazine contributor. He shares some of his favourite pubs including, C’est What, Granite Brewery, Rebel House, Rhino, Volo and Feathers Pub.  Finally he makes a number of great OCB recommendations.

There’s more to come in the conservation with Troy, so stay tuned!

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Our theme music is Endless Flight by Mark Christopher and its from the Podsafe Music NetworkÂ


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