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Sugar Shack Ale and Barley Days Brewery 2 Comments »

Its Maple in the County time and Barley Days Brewery played a big part in the festivities that tuke place on March 29th and 30th, throughout Prince Edward County, Barley Days launched the Sugar Shack Ale, made from Pure Dark Maple Syrup from Vadors Sugar Bush.
Brewmaster Doug Pengally was very creative with this Ale. tourist from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and local residents filled the Brewery for a taste of the brew and to enjoy some 2 steppin music orgainzed by the Festival Players of Prince Edward County (Hank Williams, the show he never gave)
The brew was paired with local foods prepared with the Sugar Shack Ale ….The Maple baked Beans were a big success. Two full days of Maple Fun and some great tasting beers.

Come in and enjoy a taste purchase your 6 pack of Sugar Shack…..only here until its gone

So we kidnapped a girl… 2 Comments »


So the normal girl that works our cask nights couldn’t make it this month, so she recommended that she send her friend.

We kidnapped her and made her blog on our site.

Check it out here.

Orange You Curious? 1 Comment »

Looking for a taste that’s sure to a-peel?

Perhaps something to cure what ales you?

Any way you slice it, you’re sure to enjoy our spring and summer seasonal, Orange Peel Ale.

Pouring a beautiful copper colour, it boasts a subtle aroma of orange (a touch more than last year) that carries through in the flavour with a pleasant bitterness in the finish. We think it’s the perfect beer for the warm weather, especially on a patio (which isn’t that far off!)

Bottles are now available at our brewery, and it should be on tap at a number of familiar licensees in the coming days and weeks. The LCBO will also be carrying bottles in late May as part of their Summer Beer Release, but until then, you can only get it directly from us.

You can find us near Royal York and the Queensway, just a field goal away from Costco.


GLBOrange Peel AleOrange Peel Ale

Ontario Brewer Podcast #15 – Great Lakes Brewery, John Bowden No Comments »


Show Notes:

Episode 15

Interview John Bowden of Great Lakes Brewery

01:05 – John talks about the Orange Peel Ale, available at the Great Lakes Brewery beginning in late March and at select LCBO stores this summer. He discusses the brewing process, how the brewery keeps it local and what makes the Orange Peel Ale so unique.Â

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Orange Peel Ale 7 Comments »

Spring is almost here…and so is the return of Orange Peel Ale!

Due to overwhelming demand last year, Orange Peel Ale will soon be available for spring AND summer this year. Bottles will be available from our retail store later this month, and at the LCBO in late May until the end of the summer.

We brew Orange Peel Ale with fresh oranges and peels right in the boil, resulting in a slightly fruity and citrusy taste. We can’t wait to crack open a bottle and celebrate the return of the warm weather, and hope you can stop by the brewery for a taste too.

Limited quantities of our Winter Ale remain – and judging by the weather today it’s still very much in season.



PodCast from the Accountant 4 Comments »

Hi There

Yes, slowly I’m being dragged into the 20th century (still kicking and screaming)

Well just as bit of background, I’m the Black Oak Guy who does almost everything but make the beer. I’ve got some great people to work with. But i do have to deal with a few people in the OCB. Things are pretty busy at the brewery so i don’t have too much time for podcasting but i look forward to learning more. I’m a dial up kind of guy so there’s a lot to get caught up on. Unlike other brewers I don’t have the time to sit around and blog in my underwear.

Our Double Chocolate Cherry Stout is selling well at the Brewery store, and we’ve got a few interesting changes an improvements that we’re planning. So with that teaser i’ll sign off and start the long uphill learning process (be patient)

Thanx & Cheers

Ken Woods, CMA

Learning about blogging 3 Comments »

The OCB is doing a how-to-blog session right now! I’m teleconferencing, so they don’t know I’m actually surfing the Internet in my undies.


Hopefully, you the reader will get much more blogs from lots more brewers over the next couple weeks.

Hey Reader, how about posting a comment asking a specific brewery to write something and see if they meet the challenge.

I’ll start – Red rover, red rover, I call Black Oak over!



Ontario Brewer Podcast #14 – Barley Days Brewery, Doug Pengelly 3 Comments »

 Getting Maple Syrup

Show Notes:

Episode 14


Doug Pengelly of Saint Andre and Barley Days Brewery Â

01:05 – Doug talks about his expectations for the Sugar Shack Ale, where it can be found and the Tournament of Pints. For more information about the tournament, taking place March 21 at the High Park Curling Club, email Doug at

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