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Beef Jerky, BBQ and The Raptors 1 Comment »

It’s been a few days since we’ve seen a post here so I thought I would ramble for a bit about a few random topics.

The Raptor’s were hosting the Grizzlies last night at the ACC and the fine people at AddInk were kind enough to invite all the Cameron’s folks down to enjoy the game with them. Ad ink is the company behind the Cameron’s Brewing Boxes you see in the LCBO and have done great work for us, not to mention they have box seats at the ACC. Being as wonderful as they are they even talked the Arena into stocking Cameron’s for the night, I’ve got to say it was pretty cool to Drink a fine craft beer while watching a live Raptors game.


The entire Cameron’s staff (except Jim) and Jeff from Add Ink.

On an entirely different note I thought I would give a couple of plugs for some friends of ours in Ontario. First is Jason at who hosts a great website dedicated to the art of the grill. If it can be BBQ’d this is the guy that can BBQ it better. Check out his recipe section, it will change your life.

On the topic of food, Cameron’s has stumbled upon what we think is the best beef jerky on the planet. Don’t just take our word for it, head on over to Fired Up Foods and order a few packs. Might as well tag on an order of the tasty chip nuts on while you’re there.

One final note, Cameron’s now has a facebook business profile that keeps our fans up to date and gives you the chance to win some Cameron’s Swag simply for being a “fan”. Check out other Ontario craft beer facebook groups: Beau’s, OCB, Cameron’s and Proud supporters of Ontario craft beer.

Go Safley


Be an OCB Brewer For A Day Prize Winners get to work at Cool! Lori and Kim step into the world of brewing Ontario Craft Beer. 1 Comment »

Well – it took a little time, but it’s OFFICIAL!!! The first prize winner from the OCB’s ( summer ‘Be An OCB Brewer For a Day’ contest has gone and spent the day with the people at Cool Beer Brewing Company (!

Bob Crecouzos (President and Owner) and Jamie Ministry (brewmaster) were the hosts to Lori Daraowski and her husband Kim for the day last week. Being a small business… any extra hands with all the work is helpful… but I think the good folks at Cool took it easy on Lori and Kim. There was fun was had by all!

Here are a couple of photo’s we took. We’ll look forward to a posting from Lori and Kim soon!

Brewer for a Day

Brewer for a DayÂ

 Brewer for a Day

 Brewer for a Day

Here is a list of some of the other ‘Be an OCB Brewer For a Day’ contest winners… look for more coverage of their days as ‘OCB Brewers’ soon!

Prize Winner Will Visit:
Carla Hughes Beau’s
Brian Moran Cameron’s
Mike Thompson King
Andy Rorabeck Granite
Tony Castelli Great Lakes
Lori Darowski Cool Beer
Michael Mowatt Lakes of Muskoka
Jim Burt Barley Days
Rob Westgate Neustadt Springs
Dave Brown-Smith Heritage
Mike Belluz Nickel Brook
Carla Cui Old Credit
Jay Sexton Mill Street
Robert Starr Robert Simpson
Pierre Deslauriers Trafalgar
Sean Chambers Walkerville
Ron Bespalko Hockley Valley
Brian Holmes Black Oak
Fiona Brown Brick

OCB Discovery Pack (No.1) 9 Comments »

Yes… you are about to be witness to a ‘shameless’ Plug… but I’m so excited about the launch of our Discovery Pack (No.1) into 150 LCBO stores that I can’t help myself! After a couple of delays, the LCBO has confirmed that our Discovery Pack will be on shelf in 150 stores in the next 5 days! Yahooooo!

There’s been some talk about what’s included in the 6 beers featured in this our FIRST Discovery Pack (and we love to see the ‘banter’)… The reality is (though tough for us to imagine), there ARE some people out there who have yet to adventure into the wonderful world of Ontario Craft Brewers to try the high quality beers being brewed right here in Ontario! So (here’s the shameless plug part), the OCB developed this six pack to educate consumers about different styles of premium beer and help beer lovers discover the world of Craft Beer available in Ontario. It’s about discovery and having some fun!

So here’s the thing… for those of you who are already OCB experts (tried all 125+ brands have you?) we invite you to continue to enjoy our beer, and to share the ‘Discovery Pack’ with your friends over the holiday season. For those of you just ‘breaking’ into the wonderful world of Ontario Craft Beer… brace yourself.. grab an OCB Discovery Pack.. and experience what you’ve been missing!

Final Plug: visit the Ontario Craft Brewers web page, look at all the great (really easy) recipes that have been developed and enjoy some of the holiday ‘entertaining’ tips! We’d love to hear your feedback on what you think about the Discovery Pack too!


Canadian Brewing Awards – Take 1 5 Comments »

Sweet, I get to make the first post about the 2007 Canadian Brewing Awards.

Another year of great times with some of the best people around.  Tonight was like the Oscars for us folks in the Canadian brewing scene and although the weather sucked, fun times were had by all.  Since it's a little after one in the morning I'm going to keep this short and let everyone else follow it up with how they did and give their $0.02.  We had a good showing tonight bringing home an award in the North American Lager and Cream Ale categories, congratulations to our brewers Jason Britton and Adam Ramanauskas for brewing great beers.  Congrats to all the brewers that won tonight especially the well represented OCB group.

I only managed to get a few pictures due to a technical issue (I forgot to recharge the battery) but check them out below. 


Jason Ellsmere 


 Mike Laba (Cameron's Brewing), Kevin Brauch (Famous Guy), Anetta Jewell (Great Lakes)


 Mike Laba (Cameron's Brewing Company) and Greg Clow ( news editor)

Jamie and Anetta from Great Lakes

Anetta and Jamie from Great Lakes 


A guy with a sweet fish wearing a Cameron's hat. 

DIY kindred spirits 2 Comments »

Jamie and me got to see Me, Mom & Morgentaler last night.  They were one of my favorite indy bands back in the day, a bilingual ska-rock-pop act out of Montreal.  They decided to rerelease an album and do a reunion show and it was awesome – as good as it ever was when they were first around. 

I've been really lucky lately, getting to see some fantastic independent acts; C'MON and Bionic a month ago, GWAR the night before Halloween and my old label mates the Heatskores and the Flatliners, too.

It got me thinking of how related indy music and indy beer are.  Both survive on the diy (do-it-yourself) ethic, both are competiting with global multinational corporations and both are blessed with the most passionate fans (although I've learned to order more XXL shirts and less Youth Small in the beer business).

I was struck about how much this little band meant to me and my friends when I was a kid.  12 years after they broke up I still knew the words to almost every song they played.  I was thinking about that; and a customer who drove an hour to get to my brewery store because its the only place they can buy it in a bottle and they told me that they make all of their going out decisions based on where our beer is on tap.  Don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere near as cool as Gus-Van-Go or Kim Bingham, but I'm sure I felt a little like they must have listening to fan after fan tell him how far they came to see their band play.

 Here's a pic of Jamie with Gus and Kim after the show – after playing they ran right to front and said thanks for coming out to every single one of us…how cool is that?

Support for the Craft Beer Store Growing 3 Comments »

Uh, check this out.  After my post about the challenge of retailing beer in Ontario, beer enthusiast James Kennedy wrote a comment saying he'd do what he could to help initiate the creation of a craft beer store in Ontario.

Well, far be it for me to let an offer just slide, so I asked him to see how many others would lend their voice to support such an initiative.  I thought if we could get 100 or so names, that'd be cool and if we got 1,000 that would be really cool.  Well, James did what any self-respecting beer enthusiast would do in the same situation…he created a facebook group.  About 5 days later and the group is at 134 (9:30am, Nov 7).

So, that's kind of cool.  Now lets see if it gets to the 1,000 really cool threshold. 

If you are intereseted in joining the facebook group to register your support for a craft beer store, you can sign up here:


Steve Beauchesne 


Ontario Brewer Podcast – Special Video Edition – Decorating with Ontario Craft Beer No Comments »

The Ontario Craft Brewers recently held an event to showcase elegant ways to integrate beer into holiday season decor and food preparation.Â

The OCB worked with talented interior architect Dvira Ovadia to showcase this season’s hottest decorating trends and colours. Dvira also showed different ways to serve beer in fancy glassware and create conversation peices with shapes, sizes, decanters and more. This holiday season, take a tip from Dvira and bring a level of sophistication to serving suds. Decorating tips can be found on the OCB website at

Ontario Brewer Podcast – Special Video Edition – Cooking with Ontario Craft Beer 1 Comment »

The Ontario Craft Brewers recently held an event to showcase elegant ways to integrate beer into holiday season decor and food preparation.Â
The launch of the OCB Discovery Pack was celebrated through the creation of holiday recipes prepared with the different beers found in the pack. The OCB worked with Chef Ezra Title who specializes in cooking with local and organic food. He created six recipes for this year’s holiday season made with local beer and food. From soup to short rib and sweet potato sheppards pie, these recipes are sure to tickle a beer lovers palate. Recipes can be found on the OCB website at

Brewery on the run No Comments »

Its 4:38am.  Back in my rock n' roll days, it seemed that if you were doing an overnight drive to some distant city to play a gig paying less money than the cost of gas to get there, you could always find Band on the Run on some classic rock station at 3am.  Somehow, it made it seem ok.  When I'm pulling an all nighter now, I still try to find the tune, its very Zen, or something.Tonight was the first night of the Ottawa Wine and Food Show, the only alcohol-related showcase I know of in the area.  [although I hear the organisers of the Guy Show are looking to start a beer-related Ottawa show soon].   From noon till 9 I was slinging tiny 4 oz samples of beer to people begging me to serve them 8oz…and I wish I could, but I don’t make the rules.Serving size complaints aside, I love doing sampling shows.  Its so much fun to get instant feedback directly from the customer, a real pat on the back.  This is our second time doing the show and its incredibly fun, super hard on the back and feet and I still have to get a regular days work in overnight to keep the wheels turning at Beau’s.  Tomorrow night I’ll be heading out with Jason and Mike from Cameron’s to support them at their event at the Highlander (see the blog below).  FYI – Jason and Mike also came to visit us at Beau’s the other night and have promised to post up some rather embarrassing photo’s of their visit.So, I guess I’ll get back to working on the stuff I’m supposed to be doing so that I can get an hour or two sleep in before my daughters wake up and start jumping on my head.Cheers,



Congratulations! 1 Comment »

Congratulations to Rob Westgate Neustadt's winner and also all the other winners of the OCB's "be a brewer for a day" competion.  I hope you all have a great time and the brewmasters don't reveal too many secrets!

I  know Rob is excited about his trip to Neustadt, I just hope he can understand Andrew's accent Smile and likes my Lancashire hotpot.

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