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Ontario Brewer Podcast #5 – Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd.’s Noreen Lista No Comments »

Old Credit Beer


Show Notes:

Episode 5

Interview Noreen Lista of Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd.

01:03 – Noreen Lista talks about the long and interesting history of the Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd. 

Tasting Notes

11:43 – On Saturday July 28th you are invited to Cameron’s Brewing Company as they mark their 10th anniversary as an Ontario Craft Brewer.

12:01 – Black Oak Brewing Company Ltd. has released their summer seasonal beer, Black Oak Summer Saison.

12:18 – The OCB have become official supporters of A Good Beer Blog.

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Buy Canadian or Bye Jobs 1 Comment »

This is a very exciting day, we just got the pictures from our friends DME in PEI of our new baby.  It's not done yet but it's pretty close and should be in the brewery by the end of the month.

Why did we choose DME?  Cameron's is a strong supporter of Buy Local, Buy Ontario, Buy Canadian and since there is no fermenter manufacturers in Oakville we turned to our friends in the east to make us a new fermenter so we can keep up with our customers demand.  We already have a DME fermenter and it has served us well and it also looks great, so another one was a natural. 

If you're in our area and would like to see our newest chunk of Stainless we offer free tours weekdays.  Check out our fermenter gallery on facebook or visit our website gallery.




I love Goooooooooold!!!! 3 Comments »

Just found out that Beau's won gold at the Canadian International Beer Championships in Barrie.  I have 0 details about how Steelback did, but I'll let you know.  😉

PS I feel so Austin Powers, yo.


So they let us Blog? 2 Comments »

Hey OCB Fans 

I can't believe they gave us a password and free reign to the OCB blog!  For those of you who don't know us we are Cameron's Brewing Company from Oakville, Ontario and we love to ramble on about ourselves and beer at any chance we get.  This year marks our tenth year in this crazy business known as Beer and we have a ton of stories from the past present and future that we'd love to share with you.

It's a bit of a crap shoot who will be posting on the OCB blog from Cameron's but most of the time it will be either myself Jason Ellsmere or our facebook master Mike Laba.  Look for guest posts from Adam, Jim, Elaine, Gavita, Jon, Greg and maybe even Chloe, though I doubt it since she's a dog.

 Since our A/C at the brewery decided to die I'm going to sign off now and go sit in the cold room and have one of the cream ales that just came off the bottling line.  Oh the perks.





P.S. Heres a picture of a guy with a Cameron's hat on and a sweet fish.  Enter a photo of yourself and something Cameron's and win some Jazzy prizes.

That’s one fine Cameron’s hat.

Great Lakes brewing up a special batch of Project X 3 Comments »

Just a quick note to let you know Great Lakes has got a new beer on the way. It's a one-off batch of 1,000 litres, so about a dozen or so kegs that we're hoping to send to some of the usual suspects downtown. Hopefully it'll do its thing over the weekend and we'll have it ready to go by late next week.

small-fermenter.jpgWe're tossing around the idea of keeping it in its natural state (no filtration) but we'll see how she goes. We threw a boatload of hops into the secondary so we're hoping it comes out nice and hoppy…mmm. You can see its home (the fermenter) for the next week or so (click for a larger view). Tentative name is Project X…more info to come!

Ontario Brewer Podcast #4 – Beau’s All Natural Brewing’s Steve Beauschesne 3 Comments »

 Beer Case


Show Notes:

Episode 4


Steve Beauschesne of Beau's All Natural Brewing, VanKleek Hill.

01:09 – Steve Beauschesne shares the rewards and challenges of being part of the family owned and operated Beau's All Natural Brewing, VanKleek Hill

Tasting Notes

12:09 – Toronto's media and local bloggers toured through Trafalgar Brewing Company, Oakville, Black Oak Brewing Company, Oakville, Cameron's Brewing Company, Oakville, Great Lakes Brewery, Toronto and Mill Street Brewery, Toronto as one of the annual brewery road trips.

12:24 – Cast your vote in the fifth annual Golden Tap Awards.

12:42 – Trafalgar Brewing Company, Oakville, has launched two new meads for the summer, a fruit blush mead and an unflavoured mead.

12:52 – Mill Street Brewery, Toronto helped our troops in Kandhar celebrate Canada Day by sending them 72 cases each of Tank House Ale and Stock Ale.

13:14 – Brewmaster Joel Manning of Mill Street Brewery, Toronto tasted tap water as part of the American Water Works Association's annual Water Works convention and exposition held in Toronto last month.

Theme Music

Our theme music is Endless Flight by Mark Christopher and its from the Podsafe Music Network.


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Bar-B-Que 3 Comments »

Hey Guy's…………….and Gal's

Has anyone seen the OCB poster from last year, on the ultimate reward for  putting a barbi together ……………well

I feel I need a masters degree and a medal. Yes , thats what the folks at Neustadt was doing over the long weekend (in between serving our loyal customers and tourists). Trying to put our new gas barbi together. It took three guy's and me, three day's to fathom out if we had enough bits and pieces. ……….But, we did it!

I am now the Queen of the Q.

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