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Fridges filling up with OCB beer 1 Comment »

And the pictures keep filling up the OCB mailbox…

Here are the latest:

two from Darren Wardle:



Dick Piche


Sean Dilworth


I love the LCBO 18 Comments »

I love the LCBO…………….They make life so hard for the small brewers. Here we are, so chuffed we have our canning machine and ready to rock and roll, change the 6 packs for single serve cans, simple not rocket science………………!

We have to resubmit as if they are a new brand which will take between 6 to 8 weeks to get through the red tape. So all you Neustadt fans can look forward to cans by the end of August.

It is a good job that small brewers are tenacious and fight the good fight to get thier product to the beer lovers of Ontario. If you only knew, that most small brewers have to have a degree in LCBO paper work etc. (Leanne, I love you dearly)

 For all the nay sayers, who call Ontario craft brews as bland and not living up to thier American counter parts, I say, what do you know! Have you ever visited and seen how hard it is to run a small brewery in Ontario. I set out a challenge to all you beer writers and so call beer experts, come up and see us some time!  We will set you straight and give you a good story so that you can sit in your air conditioned office and maybe write something nice about Ontario craft beers!

Ottawa Calling 1 Comment »

Anybody out there in Ottawa got a spare case of 10w30? 

We have not yet got enough 10w30 to supply the LCBO's stores in Ottawa(Toronto sucks us dry), but we are working on putting more tanks in. So, Ottawa fans please have patience!

I had a phone call the other day from an Ottawa radio talk show host asking me where he could get hold of a case of 10w30 to settle a bet he had had with a listener. He had gone on and on about the price of oil going up and up on his show and told his listeners that by the end of June it would be up by $30 a barrel so one of his listeners had phoned in and bet him the price of gas would go down and he would have to pay for the bet with a case of Neustadt 10w30. This Talk show host was frantic when he found out he couldn't buy it any where in Ottawa and his nearest place was Peterborough LCBO. When I asked who he had made the bet with he admitted it was Peter who owns the Black Tomato restaraunt ……………… The same Peter who knows we do not supply Ottawa because he has a cottage in Meaford (almost near us) and picks his kegs of our 10w30 that he serves at the Black Tomato up whenever he stay's at his cottage.

So if any one out there has a spare case of 10w30 please forward it to this poor frantic radio host.

You Decide the Prize for the photo contest! 4 Comments »

So, ok, I still don’t have a prize for the beer in your fridge prize. I was kind of hoping that after my first post, Mary MacIssac (our OCB marketing guru and the reason why you buy Ontario wine these days) would have said "funny you mention that Steve, we happen to have a cool OCB fridge just hanging around and nothing to do with it"…but no such luck.

Then I got to thinking…how draconian of me to decide what you should win. You should get to decide. So how about this: With every pic you send in, you can also submit your idea for what the prize should be. The winner will be the most original idea that we can actually pull off. I’m going to arbitrarily set myself, Dave Jones and the aforementioned Mary MacIsaac as the judging panel.

Now, just to set the tone of this new sub-contest to the photo contest, I’m also going set the prize for the best idea for a prize: Whoever’s prize idea we choose will get an autographed picture of me taking a bath in beer. Hell, I’ll even throw in the frame. (as a general rule of thumb, I figure anything that works for Whoopi G will work for me)

There is only one rule you have to include a picture of OCB beer in your fridge with every prize-idea you enter. You can enter more than once, BUT you have to put the beer in a different fridge OR put different OCB beer in the same fridge.

If you have already submitted a photo, you are welcome to enter your suggestion now. So get your Dr…er…thinking caps on and start sending in your pics + prize ideas.

Ontario Brewer Podcast #3 – Great Lakes Brewing’s Peter Bullut, Jr. 1 Comment »

Great Lakes Logo

Show Notes:

Episode 3


Peter Bullut of Great Lakes Brewing, Toronto, Ont.

01:03 – Peter Bullut gives us some insight into the history of Great Lakes Brewing, their unique Orange Peel Ale and special hand crafted packaging.

Tasting Notes

11:14 – Hamilton's CH Morning Live featured Burlington's Nickel Brook Brewery on June 4.

11:29 – The Ontario Craft Brewers website is featuring an assortment of sauces and recipes made with a variety of craft beers.

11:45 – There is an impromptu photo contest occurring on the Ontario Brewer blog.  Readers are being encouraged to post photos of their fridges with OCB beers inside.  A prize will be awarded to the best photo once 100 photos have been posted.

Theme Music

Our theme music is Endless Flight by Mark Christopher and its from the Podsafe Music Network.


If you like this podcast, you can subscribe via iTunes or with the podcatcher of your choice.

Beau’s growlers filling up fridges 1 Comment »

The Beau's All-Natural fans are all over our little photo contest.  There can only be so many friends and relatives Steve Beauchesne can have, so let's see some of the other fine craft brews represented!  We've had a total of10 photos so far, only 90 to go!

Here are the latest photos

 Kristina Kamichaitis:


 Vicky Smallman:


Nina Loretto: 



99 bottles of beer in your fridge… 1 Comment »

…99 bottles of beer.

If one of those pics, ends up on the blog…

…98 bottles of beer in your fridge!

So, I'm no lyricist.  But since Steve from Beau's created an impromptu photo contest with one of his recent posts, Ontario Brewer readers have been sending us photos of OCB beers in their fridges in order to win the prize that Steve hasn't determined exists yet.

Here are the latest (click on the picture to see them full sized):

Kelly Robertson: 






Scott Oakley:






Lindsay Porter:






Andrew Hughes:






Julie Craig:














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