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Canning machine phoned home! 2 Comments »

Val here………..Just giving an update on our lost machine.Yes, it finally arrived on Thursday.Kiss It took about 5 hours to uncrate it but lo and behold what a magnificent sight! …………….Molson and Labatt eat your heart out.

Hopefully, when the engineers have set it up for us this week (sorry all you can collectors ,they won't be available for a few weeks yet) Neustadt can start canning…………..yea!


OCB Beer in Your Fridge 6 Comments »

So, a couple days after our Grand Opening at Beau’s, I got an email from Lindsay Porter, who came to the brewery with her fiancé and parents over the weekend and she sent a couple photos she had taken.  One of the pics was of our beer in her fridge.  I don’t know why, but it was one of my proudest moments.  

So I got to thinking…wouldn’t it be cool if we had a photo archive of people’s fridges with OCB beer in ‘em.  I’ll start it off with a pic of Lindsay’s fridge.lindsay-porter-fridge.JPG

So blog readers, this is your homework assignment –

  1. buy an OCB beer put it in your fridge
  2. take a picture
  3. email it in (
  4. (optional) drink the beer

We'll post the pics up on the interweb and if we get to 100 before the end of June we'll put the names of everyone who sent one in and we'll send that person something cool.  I'd like to say a fridge, cause that would be really cool, but I don't know what we can give yet, (because I''m just kind of making this up as I go)…but trust me, it will be really cool.

Ontario Brewer Podcast #2 – Heritage Brewing’s Donna Warner No Comments »

heritage beer

Show Notes

Episode 2

Interview – Donna Warner of Heritage Brewing, Carleton Place, Ont.

00:50 — Donna gives us some insight into the history, their unique seasonal brews, their stubby bottles and brewery tours.

Tasting Notes

13:38 — Globe and Mail coverage of craft beers infused with fruit.  OCB members featured included:  Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale, Trafalgar's Strawberry Anti-Social, Heritage Brewing's Passion Brew and Black Currant Rye Lager as well as the Granite Brewery's Ringberry Ale and Nickle Brooks Green Apple Pilsener.

14:07– Brick's Red Cap Ale was featured on Entertainment Tonight for its Bob & Doug McKenzie promotion.

14:23– The Ontario Craft Brewers website is sporting some new features, including a new promotion where you could become a Brewer for a Day at one of 21 breweries in the province.

Theme Music

Our theme music is Endless Flight by Mark Christopher and its from the Podsafe Music Network.



The OCB Badge Looks hot! No Comments »

Hmmm…first time I lost my work.  It seriously felt like a highschool nightmare.  I’ll try to write this a second time, although this time around I’ve got a pint beside me, so it will be much more enjoyable.  UPDATE – I've now tried about 6 times and feel like a techno-idiot…luckily I was smart enough this time to save the work in word before trying to publish – take that Murphy and stick your law into it!

Anyway, we just opened a retail store at the brewery…nothing too fancy, but the highlight is that we’re now selling our beer for the first time to individuals instead of exclusively to bars and restaurants.  We had a Grand Opening on the long weekend to celebrate, which you can read about on my blog: for all the gory details.

But the point of this blog is our new package:  ½ gallon old-school hillbilly jugs.  I’m guessing that if you are reading this blog, you are hip to the craft brewery jive, so you’ll call the jug a growler, but being the only micro in this corner of Ontario, we figure we might as well call it what it is; a jug. 

seal-beaus.JPGOk, switch topics:  I sit on the OCB marketing committee.  We’ve been working for months on a way for a potential customer to tell the difference between a true Ontario Craft Brewers member, a macro-beer impersonating a micro or a non-member.  There has been at least a million discussions about the best way to do this, but in the end, simple is always best and we landed on a sticker.  

That’s right, a sticker.  One that can be put on each of our six-packs or two-fours, or whatever, so that when you are at the LCBO, you can quickly spot us in the aisles.  If you are like me and try to drink OCB beers exclusively, this is a Godsend. 

Our new ad agency is awesome, and they developed a sticker that kind of looks like a wax seal, all traditional looking and awesome and we got these stickers just in time for our Grand Opening.  We are very proud of our design work on the jugs, but wow, with the sticker attached, this jug just sings.  Check out the pic, yo…

Neustadt’s Canning Machine 7 Comments »

Hi beer guy's and gal's……..Val here…… wondering where in the world is my new canning machine?

Yes, we are finally retiring our bottling machine, Cry,after it's long 10 year service with us, pumping out your favourite Neustadt suds.  The word on the street (LCBO) was .473ml single serve cans are the hottest thing around, so we had a meeting of the committee ……….me (the beer babe), Andrew (the Brewmaster)and the beer bitch (Vicki, our production manager) I think the mascot "Dolly" was there as well and made a corporate decision…………..Neustadt was going canning!Smile

We ordered our canning machine last November, from Frusso in Argentina and because it is a prototype,we had to wait for it to be built and tested, somewhere in the depths of Argentina. We then found out the wooden crate it was being shipped in was not allowed into Canada, unless it underwent a special process to kill any bugs that might have hibernated in it. Glurps

Anyway, finally it was shipped from the mountains to the coast of Argentina (apparently it takes a week) and set sail for Canada on the 4th April 2007. Since then we had not heard any news, until last week when it should have arrived on the 16 May and to our dismay found it had been impounded by New York customs for 10 days. They finally released it on the 18 May into Canadian Customs………….. but it was the Canadian May 24 weekend…… so we have lost track of it again! If anybody out there finds a Frusso canning machine please tell it to phone home!Wink

Ontario Craft Brewers in the news – w/o May 14 No Comments »

With the May long-weekend in Ontario, everybody starts talking about beer.  Ontario Craft Brewers have been making their fair share of news this week:

Black Oak on BNN:  Black Oak's Ken Woods talked about the business of beer on the Business News Network (BNN) on Friday, May 18.  Click here to watch on the BNN site.  (Ken is on at  5 p.m., close to two-thirds of the way through the show with beer writer, Stephen Beaumont.)

Brick in Metro:  Brick Brewery launched its new promotion for Red Cap stubbies featuring Bob & Doug McKenzie.  Doug's alter-ego, Dave Thomas, was interviewed in Metro by "Suds" columnist Aonghus KealyClick here to see the article, eh. 

Great Lakes in Toronto Star:  Great Lakes' new Orange Peel Ale was featured in Josh Rubin's column in the Toronto Star.  

Niagara's Best in St. Catharine's Standard:  Lou Stranges of Niagara's Best explained how big the long-weekend is for the beer business. Click here for the article.


Ontario Brewer Podcast launches 2 Comments »




Show Notes:

Episode 1

Interview – Helen Sheedy, Wellington Brewery, Guelph, Ont.

00:50 — We kick off the first Ontario Brewer podcast with an interview with Helen Sheedy of Wellington Brewery. Helen gives us some insight into the history of the brewery and the evolving tastes of Ontario beer drinkers.

Tasting Notes

Two news items this week:

13:00 — Beau's All Natural Brewing of Vankleek Hill, Ont. had its grand opening on May 18-20

13:30 — Great Lakes Brewing of Toronto has released its spring seasonal beer called Orange Peel Ale

Theme Music Our theme music is Endless Flight by Mark Christopher and its from the Podsafe Music Network.

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That’s Blogtastic! No Comments »

So a couple weeks ago My sister, brother and I met up at the brewery about 3am and started driving to Toronto. We were enrolled in the PR course that the OCB's new agency was putting on (our previous agency is entirely on mat leave…insert joke about OCB's potency here). We got to the downtown offices for about 9am and after figuring out that not all the elevators went to the same floors we got to their offices overlooking Yonge and Bloor.

 The company is Fleishman Hillard and they handle accounts such as Gatorade, AT&T and UPS if the flash on their website is correct. I'm pretty sure they took on the OCB mainly for the beer. The course was on being a PR spokesperson for the OCB and to kick off what they call viral marketing. Sounds like something Pfiser would be into, but apperantly it means putting crap on the internet and hoping other people read it and add their own 2 cents to it.

The PR stuff was cool and I think I did ok; although OCB president John Hay had a much more politically-sensitive response to the question "why isn't Creemore part of the OCB?" than I did. Doug Pengelly from St. Andre had the funniest answer to a question though: Doug: So you see, there really is a style for almost every occassion Interviewer: So what would you suggest for doing housework Doug: Something really bitter The viral marketing stuff was kind of funny to me. Hearing professional pr people talking about the power of youtube and facebook and stuff just seams odd – I enjoyed the clips of the spiders on drugs and Biff from Back to the Future singing about people bugging him non-stop for movie trivia ("was it real manure? no it wasn't, was it real manure? Its a movie!"), but finding out how serious the PR world takes blogging is at the same time funny and scary.

One of our account reps has his own blog about pr, which you can read to get a sense of how important he feels this viral marketing stuff is: The best part of the day was at the very end, when most people had cleared out and just a few veterans were telling war stories from back in their Molson's days over a couple beers. Although also high on the list was getting a hug when I showed up from our other PR rep Anne Yourt – you see, she grew up a couple town's over, roomed with one of my buddies during college and that's just the way it is when you're from a small town.

If I can figure out how to upload pics on this blog thing, I'll post a pic I took of the group…if not I'll post it on my Facebook group the beau's army and tag everyone on it. Cheers!

Photo No Comments »

Viral Marketing 101

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