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2011 Brewers Plate Podcast No Comments »

The Brewers Plate is a unique annual event, where master chefs and brewers come together with musicians and artists to stage an extraordinary locavore Spring feast. It’s an unforgettable evening’s entertainment and a deep appreciation of the food we eat every day.  The 4th edition of the unique culinary experience took place on April 6th, in a new and bigger venue – Artscape Wychwood Barns located at St. Clair and Christie.

Ontario Brewer was in attendance to sample the fabulous beer-food pairings, and talk to some of the members of the Ontario Craft Brewers in attendance.

The Third Annual Brewers Plate – A Sustainable Feast No Comments »

Some OCB members in attendance at the 3rd Annual Brewers PlateThe Third Annual Brewer’s Plate took place recently at the University of Toronto’s Hart House. Bigger and better than ever, this unique “sustainable feast” celebrates Ontario’s bountiful produce, matching specially-selected dishes with featured beers from Ontario’s craft brewers.

Guests at the memorable evening saw brewery personalities and virtuoso chefs getting together to practice the goLocal philosophy, and to discourse on the defining elements that make choosing Ontario Craft Beer so easy for today’s beer drinker.

We were able to catch up with many of the participants and compile this special podcast of interviews.

Second Annual Brewers Plate: The Podcast 1 Comment »

The 2nd Annual Brewers Plate – a local sustainable spring feast celebrating breweries, chefs, and food artisans – took place recently at U of T’s Hart House. The event, which saw the Great Hall packed with beer-loving gastronomes (or was that food-loving beeronomes?) was a resounding success. Beerology’s Mirella Amato served as Mistress of Ceremonies for the event, in which five of the OCB’s member breweries were paired with some of Toronto’s best restaurants.

The six restaurants featured at the event were: La Palette, Veritas, Jamie Kennedy Event Catering, Cowbell, the Gladstone, and Rebel House, while the participating breweries from the OCB were: Mill Street Brewery, Cameron’s Brewing, Wellington County Brewery, Great Lakes Brewing, and Black Oak Brewery. Each members’ beers were paired with mouth-watering gourmet dishes, all made from local ingredients.

You can get all the details – from the list of sponsors (including the Ontario Craft Brewers) to the menus – at Meanwhile, have a listen to the podcast for interviews with the participating brewers.

Ontario Brewer Podcast #17 – The Brewers Plate 2 Comments »


Show Notes:

Episode 16

Interview Chris Lowry, Network Director, Green Enterprise Toronto. Paul de Campo, Chair of Slow Food Toronto. Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy Kitchens

01:05 –  This episode was taped at the first annual Brewers Plate in Toronto, an event that paired OCB beers with gourmet dishes all made from local ingredients.  The event was a collaborative effort between Green Enterprise Toronto, Slow Food Toronto and Local Food Plus.  Cameron’s, Mill St, Black Oak and Wellington were all in attendance. Â

In this episode Chris Lowry from Green Enterprise Toronto discusses the event, how the idea came about and why supporting locally produced food is so important. Paul de Campo from Slow Food Toronto discusses what Slow Food is and the roll local brewers play in supporting the Slow Food movement.  Finally Jamie Kennedy from Jamie Kennedy Kitchens talks about why he is supporting the event and what he does at his restaurants to support the local food movement.Â

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