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Disclaimer: Everything posted on this blog is the personal opinion of the authors and does not necessarily represent the views of the Ontario Craft Brewers Association.

– All comments will be posted as long as they make it through the spam filter.
– Stand behind your comment. Anonymous or pseudonymous comments may be removed.
– Off topic comments may be moved or removed.
– Racist, sexist, or intollerant comments or those with excessive profanity may be edited or removed completely.

– All blog posts are written by the authors identified on each post. There will be no ghost-writing. Authors bear all responsibility for the content that is uploaded.
– From time-to-time, the blog’s editors may suggest topics or ideas for posts to the authors, but all content will be generated by the authors.
– As required, the blog’s editors will correct any typos and grammar and may add links to sections of posts if they will add to the reader’s enjoyment. Any substantial edits will be flagged with an “editor’s note.”

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