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OCB at the Royal Winter Fair 4 Comments »

If you’re looking for something fun to do this week, why not head down to the worlds largest indoor agricultural fair held right here in Toronto.  Started in 1922 “The Royal” has been attracting folks from the city and country with a great mix of agriculture, sport and entertainment and starting last year they added beer as an attraction.  The addition of The Royal Brew House in 2009 saw a push towards supporting local breweries by offering a sampling bar featuring many of the OCB breweries.  The bar is run by our friends at the Griffin Gastro Pub in Bracebridge who are also the masterminds behind the Muskoka Beer Festival and Session.  With these guys behind the bar you know you’ll have a sampling experience like no other.

Also new this year is OCB member Cameron’s Brewing Company is a event sponsor which means that every restaurant and licensed area on site will feature Cameron’s Brewing Company beer, so no matter where you go you can enjoy fresh Ontario Craft Beer.  Sweet!

Hope to see you there.

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