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In this podcast, Master Cicerone Mirella Amato is joined by two featured guests: Robin LeBlanc, beer writer and owner of, and Historian and beer writer, Jordan St.John at These two beer writers are tasked with identifying the OCB-brewed stout in front of them by asking a series of six questions …can you beat them to the correct answer?

About our two guests this month:

Robin LeBlanc is a Toronto-based Photographer and writer. As the owner of the award-winning craft beer site The Thirsty Wench and Beer Writer for Torontoist, she has appeared on television, radio and newspapers preaching the gospel of good beer. 

Jordan St.John is a Certified Cicerone, Beer Writer and Historian who trained as a brewer but opted out of having to clean all that equipment. He deals with elaborate concepts and total nonsense at


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