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More American Pale Ales 1 Comment »

In this second Ontario Brewer Podcast for September, Master Cicerone Mirella Amato continues her exploration of OCB-brewed American-style pale ales. She is once again joined by cookbook author David Ort from, and historian and beer writer, Jordan St.John at

Having correctly guessed which American-style pale ale was in front of them in the last podcast, David and Jordan are looking forward to enjoying two other OCB-brewed interpretations of the style. The three American-style pale ales featured this month were Collective Arts Rhyme & Reason Pale Ale, Collingwood Brewery Downhill Pale Ale, and Side Launch Pale Ale.

About our two guests this month:

Jordan St.John is a Certified Cicerone, Beer Writer and Historian who trained as a brewer but opted out of having to clean all that equipment. He deals with elaborate concepts and total nonsense at

David Ort is the author of the Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook, a freelance food and drink writer, and the web editor at Follow his writing on all things from beer to Toronto restaurants on his site at or on Twitter @ortdavid




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Ethan Says:

Looks like I need to tell my friends at the bars in Winnipeg about this. Great read.


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