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Finding Out Which Stout 2 Comments »

In this first podcast for 2015, Master Cicerone Mirella Amato introduces our new guessing-game format. Featured guests, beer writer Robin LeBlanc and cookbook author David Ort are tasked with identifying the OCB-brewed Russian Imperial Stout in front of them. They can ask six questions to help them zero in on the correct answer … can you beat them to it?

About our two guests this month:

Robin LeBlanc is a Toronto-based Photographer and writer. As the owner of the award-winning craft beer site The Thirsty Wench and Beer Writer for Torontoist, she has appeared on television, radio and newspapers preaching the gospel of good beer.

David Ort is the author of the Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook, a freelance food and drink writer, and the web editor at Follow his writing on all things from beer to Toronto restaurants on his site at or on Twitter: @ortdavid


2 Responses to “Finding Out Which Stout”

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