Winners of <br />Winners of OCB Women in Craft Brewing Education Scholarships

Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) have awarded beer education scholarships to six women working in the Ontario craft brewing industry, as follows:

Dana Connor
Dana Connor,
Sales Coordinator, Niagara Oast House Brewers:

“My primary goal is to be able to educate others about the brewing process and beer industry with ease. As I continue to grow in my career at Oast House, I would love to give back and educate myself on all things beers. This certificate can be the starting point I need to expand my knowledge of the industry - and as they say "Knowledge is Power!" Would you like some beer with that cheese?”

Dana on quality: “Quality means taking your time. At Oast House, I have seen first hand the enthusiastic reactions to providing consumers with quality product that is not rushed but rather aged to perfection. This standard that we uphold with regards to our brews remains persistent with our branding.”

Jessica Trout
Jessica Trout,
Production Worker, Kichesippi Beer Co.:

“As a young Aboriginal woman from the north, I never saw myself working in the craft brewing industry. It was something I never thought I would be capable of. Now that I'm in this field, I found my calling and have a need to learn more. This course will help me continue my future in the craft brewing industry.”

Jessica on quality:
“To have quality, you need someone with a passion for brewing, on the constant track of learning — people all striving for the same goal and taking pride in their job and work place.”

Kim Cranfield
Kim Cranfield,
Marketing Director, Publican House Brewery:

“While I am very familiar with our beer, I would love to better represent the brewing industry by expanding my knowledge of all beer styles, how they compare and the brewing process relating to each style.”

Kim on Quality: “Quality is the backbone of the brewing industry in Ontario. With the changing market and increased competition, hand-crafted, quality beer is the most important thing to differentiate craft beer. Craft beer purchasers have come to expect a certain level of quality and uniqueness in the craft brewing industry from the customer service, to the packaging, to the beer. Craft breweries are working hard to oversee every step of the brewing process to ensure their product meets this expectation and doing so has allowed the brewing industry in Ontario to thrive.”

Karyn Boscariol
Karyn Boscariol,
Event Coordinator, Wellington Brewery:

“I work extensively with the public both as a server at beer events, and beer educator through Wellington's Queen of Craft program (all proceeds go directly to Women-In-Crisis Org.). Having the in-depth knowledge that the Cicerone course provides, would allow me to impart information with more confidence. Taking on a larger role in speaking at these events has left me with a thirst to learn more! In the last six years I've witnessed so many women making headlines, paving the way for other women to follow and even take their own direction. I applaud the women who've inspired me – from our hard-working flat-bed driver, to the eloquent writing of beer bloggers – cheers!”

Karyn on Quality: “I believe that quality of product and quality of experience are both integral in creating a good name in the brewing industry.
Q- Questioning ingredient sources
U- Using locally sourced ingredients if possible
A- Assuring final product meets expectations
L- Listening to suggestions from consumers
I- Intelligent/Inclusive marketing strategies
T- Taking Time to connect with industry folks
Y- Yearly appraisal of upcoming trends

Visiting a brewery with a positive and knowledgeable staff who take the time to educate the customer on brewing process, tasting notes, business practices and the history of the brewery is an experience that creates customer loyalty. When adding a quality produced beer to that experience, you create customers for life.”

Alyssa Kwasny
Alyssa Kwasny,
Brewer, Beau’s All Natural Brewing

“This program is important because it is a training tool for people to understand the complexities of beer. I am a brewer and I find that most of my time and energy goes into wort production. The course would give me the opportunity to get some more formal training. I am especially interested in fine tuning my knowledge on styles and sensory.”

Alyssa on Quality: “When it comes down to it, quality means great beer. Quality represents standards and expectations of beer and its styles. Beer in Ontario does not only represent the brewery where it was made, but also the region that it's from. It's a community, so when the Ontario craft brewing industry sets the bar high for quality brews, everyone benefits.”

Emily Subic, Side Launch Brewing Company
Emily Subic,
Production Operator, Side Launch Brewing Company:

“I would love to learn more about beer, as much as I can. I'd like to know when certain flavours are off flavours and what those off flavours are called. I'd like to be able to identify different styles, and know why a certain beer fits into that style category. And I would really love to be able to accurately describe what I'm tasting in a beer.”

Emily on Quality: “Quality, when it comes to craft brewing, means creating beer that is wonderful to taste, smell and enjoy, consistently. Beer that doesn't meet high and specific standards, isn't released because it's "good enough", or "close enough". It means that great attention goes into the cleanliness of every aspect of the brewing and packaging process to ensure that nothing detracts from the time and hard work that's gone into creating a wonderful beer. It also means striving for better. Just because a beer is yummy and enjoyable, doesn't mean possible improvements are ignored. The quality of the beer is proof of the care and understanding of the craft and love of making great beer that you are proud to share, and love to see people enjoy. Our slogan at Side Launch I think is one of the reasons we make such delicious beer. From hard work comes good things (great things really). Consistent quality comes from working hard and being proud of what you've made or been a part of.”

Each OCB scholarship award covers course registration fees for the interactive e-Learning program, BeerSavvy® as well as Road to Cicerone course book (Brewing Ingredients & Process) and a full set of Beer Style Flashcards. BeerSavvy® covers key content for the Certified Beer Server program and exam which trains participants in the fundamentals of great beer service for quality craft beer.

Eligible applicants must be female, 19+ years and have been working with an OCB member brewery for a minimum of one year.


Founded in 2007 by brewer, author, and beer educator Ray Daniels, the Cicerone Certification Program seeks to ensure that consumers receive the best quality beer at every service occasion. To facilitate this, those who sell and serve beer are encouraged to acquire knowledge in five areas: To encourage participation by those with various interests and ambitions, the program offers four levels of certification beginning with the simplest and building to the most complex and demanding: