Spring Into Flavour!

Celebrate the Season with Ontario Craft Beer

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Ontario Craft BeerSpring is here and the members of the OCB have just the right beers to celebrate the coming of the season. Grab a few, sit back, and let the sun shine in!

Spring Bock
Amsterdam Spring Bock
Rich, creamy and full bodied, this strong lager uses 7 types of malts to achieve its bold stature.
LCBO #208924 (500 mL bottle)
Sugar Shack Ale
Barley Days Sugar Shack Ale
Brewed only in March with locally produced maple syrup, this ale has a bouquet of rich fruity aromas and maple. Its thick, sweet body is perfectly complemented by a moderately-hopped finish. The careful carbonation results in a light lofty mouth feel.
Nickel Brook Maple Porter
Nickel Brook Maple Porter
A dark fragrant Porter, brewed with a blend of five malts, toasted barley and pure ontario maple syrup. No additives or preservatives. Naturally carbonated for a smooth creamy finish. A uniquely Canadian twist of an ancient classic. 6% alc.
LCBO #334425 (750 mL bottle)
Fenian Red Ale
Brimstone Fenian Red Ale
We celebrate Ridgeway's rich history with this seasonal beer. A traditional style Irish red ale with a twist. We re-fermented with a Belgian saison yeast strain, giving a slight peppery finish. An immensely drinkable craft beer. Specs: 5.0% ABV
Brock Street Traditional Spring Bock
Brock Street Traditional Spring Bock
Our traditional Bock is brewed every year in late November, and lagers for three months before its release which coincides with the beginning of Lent. Brewed in accordance with traditional recipes dating back to the 1500s, our Bock is an exceptional tasting lager with a superior smooth finish expected of this style of beer.
Cameron's White Oat Savant – Brown Ale
With the use of crystal, chocolate and white oat malts, this classic Brown Ale creates a ballad of cherry, chocolate and caramel to please your taste-buds as the oat's silken embrace envelopes your mouth with velvety affection.
LCBO #419796 (650 mL bottle)
Railroad Special - Maple Rye Ale
Cassel Railroad Special – Maple Rye Ale
|This beer has an aroma of mild spice from the rye malt combined with a light earthy and sweet aromas. The flavour begins with a slight spicy flavour derived from the high percentage of rye malt and finishes with a light maple sweet and earthy flavour with a low bitterness to compliment the mix of flavours. The base malt is Gambrinus ESB and it is complimented with Canada Malting Rye Malt, Gambrinus Dark Munich and Carafoam/Carapils. It is full bodied with a moderate carbonation, and the mouthfeel is almost like taking a sip of maple syrup.
3-Point Saison
Collingwood 3-Point Saison
Our award-winning 3-Point Saison is the colour of the golden sun. This beer has a lively carbonation which releases aromas of luscious tropical fruit. A mellow, honey sweetness is followed by a crisp, tart finish. From a backyard party to a cozy night in, this Saison is of a fine quality for all occasions.
StoneHammer Maple Red Ale
StoneHammer Maple Red Ale
North American Style Red Ale using local maple syrup. Maple flavors are balanced perfectly with a slightly bitter finish, cleansing the palate for more.
Dog Stalker Bock
Grand River Dog Stalker Bock
A great way to usher in spring is with a strong, malty Bock beer
Galactic Pale Ale
Granite Galactic Pale Ale
Golden in colour, this IPA is generously hopped with cascade from the US and Galaxy hops from New Zealand giving it an aroma and taste of tropical fruit. ABV 4.5
Wuchak Polaris
Kichesippi Wuchak Polaris
A Bavarian spin on a classic West Coast India Pale Ale. Brewed with German malts, a special German ale yeast, and 100% Polaris hops from Bavaria. Kichesippi was the first brewery in Canada to use Polaris hops. We have worked directly with the grower and variety owner, BayWa, to bring you this one-of-a-kind Bavarian IPA.
Spring Maple Belgian Blonde Ale
Lake of Bays Spring Maple Belgian Blonde Ale
This unique beer delivers a beautiful amber colour with a slight off-white foam collar. The nose is maple with a good amount of hazelnut (noisette) accented by vanilla and caramel. After a few moments, there are aromas of cherries and just a touch of spice. The body of the beer is slightly sweet, reminiscent of caramelized apples with a nutmeg finish. There is also a slight floral taste that arrives a little late. The finish is smooth with gentle bitterness that is surprisingly refreshing.
LCBO #333476 (750 mL bottle)
Sunlight Park Saison
Left Field Sunlight Park Saison
This beer was created in honour of Toronto's first professional baseball stadium. Built in 1886 in the East Toronto neighbourhood now known as Riverside, the all-wooden structure sat 2,250 fans and later became home to the city's first International League championship. This tart and refreshing session saison is brewed using a generous amount of malted wheat and honey malt and the zest of 100 organic grapefruits in every batch.
Texas Tea Honey Stout
Neustadt Texas Tea Honey Stout
Dark smooth and rich, enhanced with natural local honey, giving a subtle sweetness and Offsetting the deep rich bitterness of the original stout.
Maple Bock
Railway City Maple Bock
ABV: 5.8% | IBU: 30 Maple Bock includes notes of molasses and dark maple syrup as well as dark fruit such as raisin and fig. On the palate, plum and toffee are foremost with a hint of chocolate. Like a good lager, Maple Bock is highly drinkable and impeccably clean with a crisp finish. It has a hint of sweetness with a minimal hop profile and produces a creamy mocha head that is dense in texture with little lacing.
LCBO #378703 (650 mL bottle)
Belle Èpoque Belgian IPA 10th Anniversary Ale
Flying Monkeys Belle Èpoque Belgian IPA 10th Anniversary Ale
Belle Èpoque is fermented with a Belgian Ale yeast coupling a true artisanal tradition with the Flying Monkeys New World reputation for benchmark IPAs and creative hopping. Sparkling with poetry and gaudy with Glacier and Citra hops, the uniqueness of Belgian Ale yeast imparts notes of pepper, spice, and fruit with a graceful dryness in this gilded, Imperial-strength, dry-hopped Flying Monkeys creation.
The Princess Wears Girlpants
Sawdust City The Princess Wears Girlpants
A hop forward Belgian Golden Ale loaded with citrusy American & New Zealand hops. Fresh and bright, just like spring.
Tide & Vine Oyster Stout
Silversmith Tide & Vine Oyster Stout
A dry Irish style of stout. Made with whole oysters.
Touching Tips - Spruce Tipped Golden Ale
Sleeping Giant Touching Tips – Spruce Tipped Golden Ale
Using locally harvested black and white spruce tips, this easy drinking Golden Ale delivers a unique, yet balanced flavour profile. Many tips touched during the production of this beer.
Vanilla Amber Chai
Stack Brewing Vanilla Amber Chai
This easy drinking amber ale highlighted by chai spice notes with a lingering vanilla whiskey flavour.
Smoked Wheat on Rye
The Second Wedge Brewing Smoked Wheat on Rye
This lightly-smoked wheat beer was brewed with rye malt to give it a crisp, slightly spicy finish.
Terrestrial India Brown Ale
Wellington Terrestrial India Brown Ale
This unique hybrid beer strikes a beautiful balance of roasted malts and aromatic hops by bringing together the rich malt complexity of an English-style brown ale with 5 varieties of American-style hops: Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, Sorachi Ace, and Amarillo. Terrestrial India Brown is a dark mahogany brown in colour with a delightfully hoppy aroma, robust malt body, and a pronounced bitter finish.
LCBO #419028 (750 mL bottle)