Food Matches for Beers

Alphabetically by Brewer

Bancroft Brewing Co. - Black Quartz
Food Matches:

Spring: chili
Summer: burgers
Autumn: ribs
Winter: steak
Bancroft Brewing Co. - Blonde Lady
Food Matches:

Summer: chicken fajitas
Bancroft Brewing Co. - Canada 150 Ale
Food Matches:

Summer: Pork Ribs
Winter: roast beef
Bancroft Brewing Co. - Ironman IPA
Food Matches:

Summer: Pork
Bancroft Brewing Co. - Logger's Ale
Food Matches:

Summer: Steak
Winter: Ribs
Bancroft Brewing Co. - Prospector's Ale
Food Matches:

Summer: quesadillas
Bancroft Brewing Co. - Sawmill Lager
Food Matches:

Summer: fish
Winter: chicken
Black Oak Brewing Company - 10 Bitter Years Imperial India Pale Ale
Food Matches:

Summer: salted caramel ice cream
Autumn: strong cheeses
Winter: ham
Black Oak Brewing Company - Nut Brown Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: BBQ steak
Summer: grilled cheese
Autumn: burgers
Winter: beef chili
Black Oak Brewing Company - Nutcracker Porter
Food Matches:

Autumn: Dark chocolate
Winter: Aged cheddar cheese
Black Oak Brewing Company - Pale Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: fish & chips
Summer: Burgers
Autumn: shellfish
Winter: Shepherds Pie
Cameron's Brewing Company - CAMERON'S Ambear Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Jerk Chicken
Summer: Another Auburn Ale
Autumn: Peppercorn Steak
Winter: Slow Cooked Ribs
Cameron's Brewing Company - CAMERON'S Black Forest Dark Lager
Food Matches:

Spring: Fish & Chips - mix into your batter
Summer: Another Dark 266
Autumn: Beef Stew
Winter: Smokin' Chili
Cameron's Brewing Company - CAMERON'S Captain's Log Lager
Food Matches:

Spring: Pistachio Crusted Halibut
Summer: Pesto Pizza
Autumn: Spicy Dishes
Winter: Fennel Salad
Cameron's Brewing Company - CAMERON'S Cosmic Cream Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Cedar Plank Salmon
Summer: Tilapia with Dill
Autumn: Roasted Chicken Pizza
Winter: Cream Based Pasta
Collingwood Brewery, The - Downhill Pale Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Spicy Indian Curry
Summer: Grilled Ribeye Steak & Mash
Autumn: Bacon & Cheddar Mac'n Cheese
Winter: Smoked Pork Stew
Collingwood Brewery, The - Kingpost Extra Special Bitter
Food Matches:

Summer: Campfire-Cooked Sausages
Autumn: Fish & Chips
Winter: Beef Stew
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - 12 Minutes to Destiny Raspberry Hibiscus Lager
Food Matches:

Spring: Sushi
Summer: Strawberry Shortcake or Key Lime Pie
Winter: East Asian Cuisine
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Acadian Groove Canadian Maple Porter
Food Matches:

Spring: Easter Ham
Summer: Ice Cream
Autumn: Brie and Bartlett Pears
Winter: Creamy Cheesecake
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Antigravity Lager
Food Matches:

Spring: salads with fruity vinaigrette
Summer: BBQ Ribs
Autumn: Any Pizza!
Winter: Big Sloppy Burger with the Works
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Cadillac Graveyard Oatmeal Stout
Food Matches:

Spring: Perfect Cool Stand-In for Coffee Alongside Dessert
Summer: Pulled Pork
Autumn: Roasted Root Vegetables
Winter: Slow Cooked Beef Stew
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - El Toro Bravo The Matador 2.0
Food Matches:

Spring: creamy flavourful cheeses
Summer: bold BBQd meats
Autumn: salty charcuterie
Winter: Perfect with a Great Cigar
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Flying Monkeys Amber Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Aunt Betty's Green Jello Salad with Mini-Marshmallows
Summer: Boiled Shrimp with Cajun Spice
Autumn: Beer-Blasted Sassy Molassy Baked Beans
Winter: Mystery Meat Pot Pie
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Genius of Suburbia India Session Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Southern Fried Chicken
Summer: Classic Grilled Burgers
Autumn: Wood-fired pizza
Winter: Buffalo Wings
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Hoptical Illusion Almost Pale Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Easter Egg Salad Sandwiches with a Kosher pickle
Summer: Grilled Steaks or Cajun Blackened Catfish
Autumn: Traditional English-Style Fish 'n Chips
Winter: Rich Beef Tenderloin or Roast Duck
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Netherworld Cascadian Dark Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Grilled Steaks, Pulled Pork,or BBQ Ribs
Summer: Aged Cheeses like Cheddars, Manchego, or Parmagiano-Reggiano o
Autumn: Raw Oysters with Tabasco and Lemon
Winter: Creamy desserts like Tiramisu or Butter Tarts
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Paranormal Imperial Pumpkin Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Summer: Roasted Root Vegetables
Autumn: Turkey and Stuffing
Winter: Bittersweet Chocolate
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Smashbomb Atomic IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Creamy Cheeses like Brie or Gorgonzola
Summer: Salmon
Autumn: Poultry like Duck or Turkey
Winter: Classic Poutine
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - SuperCollider 2.0 Double IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Creamy Cheeses like Brie or Gorgonzola
Summer: Boiled Shrimp with Cajun Spice
Autumn: Turkey
Winter: Gingerbread or Molasses Cookies
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - The Chocolate Manifesto Triple Chocolate Milk Stout
Food Matches:

Spring: Vanilla Pound Cake with Strawberries
Summer: The Chocolate Manifesto Beer Float
Winter: Christmas Shortbread
Grand River Brewing - Curmudgeon IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Cheese fondue
Granite Brewery - Gin Lane Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: na
Summer: na
Autumn: dessert
Winter: dessert
Granite Brewery - Hopping Mad
Food Matches:

Spring: spicy food, burgers
Summer: spicy food, burgers
Autumn: spicy food, burgers
Winter: spicy food, burgers
Granite Brewery - IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: curry
Summer: curry
Autumn: curry
Winter: curry
Granite Brewery - Keefe's Irish Stout
Food Matches:

Spring: Desset Choc Cake
Summer: Desset Choc Cake
Autumn: Desset Choc Cake
Winter: Desset Choc Cake
Granite Brewery - Peculiar Strong Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: ribs, hearty pasta, pizza, stew
Summer: ribs, hearty pasta, pizza, stew
Autumn: ribs, hearty pasta, pizza, stew
Winter: ribs, hearty pasta, pizza, stew
Granite Brewery - Ringberry Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: salads and dessert
Summer: salads and dessert
Autumn: salads and dessert
Winter: salads and dessert
Granite Brewery - Ringwood Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: fish, salads
Summer: fish, salads
Autumn: fish, salads
Winter: fish, salads
Granite Brewery - Summer Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: appetizers, salads, spicy food
Summer: appetizers, salads, spicy food
Autumn: appetizers, salads, spicy food
Winter: appetizers, salads, spicy food
Great Lakes Brewery - Blonde Lager
Food Matches:

Spring: salads
Summer: seafood
Autumn: wings
Winter: stews
Great Lakes Brewery - Canuck Pale Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Northern Pike
Summer: Peameal Bacon Sandwich
Autumn: Moose Sausage
Winter: Curry
Great Lakes Brewery - Devil's Pale Ale 666
Food Matches:

Spring: Burgers
Summer: Ribs
Autumn: Chili
Winter: Stew
Great Lakes Brewery - Karma Citra IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Lobster
Great Lakes Brewery - Lake Effect IPA
Food Matches:

Autumn: Curry, Spicy Thai, Turkey
Great Lakes Brewery - Limp Puppet Session IPA
Food Matches:

Summer: Lobster
Great Lakes Brewery - Miami Weiss (North American Wheat Ale)
Food Matches:

Spring: Mussels, salads
Summer: White Fish, Lobster,
Great Lakes Brewery - My Bitter Wife IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Entrees - Roast chicken, Pad Thai, Fish Tacos. Carrot cake
Great Lakes Brewery - Pompous Ass English Pale Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Soft cheeses, Burgers, Grilled chicken, BBQ
Winter: Soft cheeses, Burgers, Grilled chicken, BBQ
Great Lakes Brewery - THRUST! an IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Lobster
Great Lakes Brewery - Winter Ale
Food Matches:

Winter: Stews and curries
Haliburton Highlands Brewing - Belgian Rye Porter
Food Matches:

Summer: Grilled ribeye steak with balsamic glazed greens
Autumn: Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and roasted veggies
Winter: Shepherd's pie
Haliburton Highlands Brewing - HHB BlueLine Blonde Ale
Food Matches:

Summer: Grilled burgers
Autumn: Roasted chicken
Winter: Chilli with crusty bread and aged gouda
Haliburton Highlands Brewing - HHB Coffee Porter
Food Matches:

Summer: S'mores
Autumn: Pumpkin Pie
Winter: Creme Brulee
Haliburton Highlands Brewing - HHB Honey Brown Ale
Food Matches:

Summer: Grilled Honey Garlic Sausages
Autumn: Roast pork with roasted vegetables
Winter: French onion soup with crusty bread and gruyere cheese
Haliburton Highlands Brewing - Skipping Stone Kolsch
Food Matches:

Summer: Pan seared, fresh fish
Autumn: Savory chicken stew
Winter: Roasted chicken with roasted cellar vegetables
Haliburton Highlands Brewing - Spruce Kveik
Food Matches:

Summer: Maple glazed salmon
Haliburton Highlands Brewing - Summer Wheat
Food Matches:

Summer: Pasta salads/green salads
Lost Craft Inc. - Revivale
Food Matches:

Spring: Salads
Summer: Cheeses
Autumn: Chicken
Winter: Salmon
Muskoka Brewery - Mad Tom IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Curry Chicken
Summer: Burgers: with some unique and flavourful toppings
Autumn: Smoked Fish
Winter: Sharp Cheese
Muskoka Brewery - Muskoka Craft Lager
Food Matches:

Spring: Chicken Fajitas
Summer: Salad: try an avocado and mango salad with a touch of lemon
Autumn: Grilled Chicken
Winter: Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella
Muskoka Brewery - Muskoka Cream Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Roasted Chicken
Summer: Grilled Salmon
Autumn: BBQ/Smoked Ribs
Winter: Montreal Smoked Meat
Muskoka Brewery - Muskoka Detour
Food Matches:

Spring: Garden Salad
Summer: Thai Mango Chicken
Autumn: Sesame Chicken Salad
Winter: Shrimp Cocktail
Muskoka Brewery - Muskoka Harvest Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Crab Cakes
Summer: Pesto
Autumn: Roasted Lamb
Winter: Curry
Muskoka Brewery - Muskoka Shinnicked Stout
Food Matches:

Spring: Camembert Cheese
Summer: Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Autumn: Dark Chocolate Truffles
Winter: Hickory Smoked Ham
Muskoka Brewery - Muskoka Summerweiss
Food Matches:

Spring: Goat Cheese
Summer: Lobster
Muskoka Brewery - Muskoka Winterweiss
Food Matches:

Autumn: Bratwurst
Winter: Weisswurst
Muskoka Brewery - Twice As Mad
Food Matches:

Spring: Grilled Meats
Summer: Pulled Pork
Autumn: Sharp Cheese
Winter: Indian Cuisine
Muskoka Brewery - Winter Beard
Food Matches:

Winter: Cheesecake
Neustadt Springs Brewery - 456 Marzen Lager
Food Matches:

Spring: sausage
Autumn: sausage
Winter: sausage
Neustadt Springs Brewery - Big Dog Beaujolais Porter
Food Matches:

Spring: Esram cheese
Summer: chocolate double fudge cake
Autumn: beef stew
Winter: Beef wellington
Neustadt Springs Brewery - Neustadt 10w30 Brown Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: smoked edam cheese
Summer: kebabs
Autumn: goulash
Winter: stews
Neustadt Springs Brewery - Neustadt Bruce County Premium Lager
Food Matches:

Spring: savory pancakes
Summer: chicken
Autumn: pumpkin pie
Winter: curry
Neustadt Springs Brewery - Neustadt Lager
Food Matches:

Spring: burgers
Summer: chicken wings
Autumn: pork
Winter: curry
Neustadt Springs Brewery - Neustadt Scottish Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: toasted fresh mozzerella cheese
Summer: beef burgers
Autumn: fish and chips
Winter: steak and kidney pie
Neustadt Springs Brewery - Texas Tea Honey Stout
Food Matches:

Autumn: oysters
Winter: stew
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Cause and Effect Blonde
Food Matches:

Spring: Seafood Salad
Summer: Grilled Vegetables
Autumn: Roasted Ham
Winter: Roasted Chicken
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Equilibrium ESB.
Food Matches:

Spring: Roast Lamb
Summer: BBQ Steaks
Autumn: Beef Stew
Winter: Roast Beef
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Immodest Imperial IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Roasted Pork, Porketta.
Autumn: Roast Duck
Winter: Roast Turkey
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Malevolent Imperial Black IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Curry meats
Winter: Beef Stew, Roast Beef.
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Nickel Brook Bolshevic Bastard
Food Matches:

Spring: Oysters
Summer: Oysters
Autumn: Curry
Winter: Jerk Lamb.
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Nickel Brook Cuvee Reserve Ale Bourbon Barrel Aged
Food Matches:

Spring: Pad Thai
Autumn: Butter Chicken
Winter: Grilled Lamb Chops
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Nickel Brook Green Apple Pilsner
Food Matches:

Spring: B.B.Q. Shrimp
Summer: salads
Autumn: roasted chicken
Winter: roasted pork
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Nickel Brook Headstock IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Stilton, Gorgonzola cheese
Summer: BBQ Lamb, Steaks
Autumn: Roasted Duck
Winter: Roast Beef, Curry
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Nickel Brook Le Payson Saison
Food Matches:

Spring: Salad with Fresh Fruit
Summer: Grilled Seafood
Autumn: Grilled Pork or Grilled Chicken
Winter: Curry
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Nickel Brook Maple Porter
Food Matches:

Spring: lamb
Summer: B.B.Q. Steaks
Autumn: roast duck
Winter: Beef Stew,
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Nickel Brook Naughty Neighbour APA
Food Matches:

Spring: Steamed Mussels
Summer: Grilled Chichen/Seafood
Autumn: Jerk Chicken/Goat
Winter: Spicey Curry
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Nickel Brook Old Kentucky Bastard
Food Matches:

Spring: Grilled Steak
Summer: Dark Chocolate
Autumn: Pot Roast
Winter: Moose/Deer/Bison Stew
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. - Uber Berlinerweise
Food Matches:

Spring: Salads, Fresh Fruits, Berries.
Summer: Grilled Seafood
Autumn: Grilled Chicken
Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd. - Old Credit Amber Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Lamb Steaks,
Summer: Barbequed meats: sausages hamburgers
Autumn: Chili
Winter: Roasts of all kinds
Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd. - Old Credit Holiday Honey
Food Matches:

Spring: Appetizers
Autumn: Serve with your favourite dessert
Winter: Beef or lamb stew
Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd. - Old Credit Pale Pilsner
Food Matches:

Spring: Chicken & fish. Great with pizza
Summer: Barbequed chicken, sausage and fish
Autumn: Warm caesar salad with shrimp or chicken
Winter: Roasted chicken
Old Tomorrow ** - Honey Ginger Shandy
Food Matches:

Spring: BBQ foods
Summer: BBQ & salty snacks
Old Tomorrow ** - Track 85 AltBier
Food Matches:

Spring: BBQ meats & fish
Summer: BBQ, fish & salads
Railway City Brewing - Honey Elixir
Food Matches:

Spring: roasted chicken
Summer: smoked trout
Autumn: mexican or asian dishes
Winter: hearty beef stew
Railway City Brewing - Platform 16
Food Matches:

Autumn: Peppercorn Steak
Winter: Mint Chocolates
Railway City Brewing - The Witty Traveller
Food Matches:

Spring: stuffed pork tenderloin
Summer: fresh goat cheese focaccia
Royal City Brewing Co. - Hibiscus Saison
Food Matches:

Spring: Arugula salad
Summer: Fresh fruit
Autumn: Funky cheese
Winter: Asian or middle eastern spicey dishes
Royal City Brewing Co. - Smoked Honey
Food Matches:

Spring: Burger on the patio
Summer: BBQ
Autumn: Fresh Apples, Pears and Peaches
Winter: Sharp or Smoked Cheeses
Sawdust City Brewing Company - Gateway Kölsch
Food Matches:

Spring: Pizza
Summer: Mild cheeses
Autumn: Fried food
Winter: Spicy food
Sawdust City Brewing Company - Golden Beach Session IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Fish
Summer: Salads
Autumn: Grilled vegetables
Winter: Poultry
Sawdust City Brewing Company - Lone Pine IPA
Food Matches:

Spring: Strong cheeses
Summer: Asian dishes
Autumn: Meat dishes
Winter: Deep-fried foods
Sawdust City Brewing Company - Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus
Food Matches:

Spring: Chocolate desserts
Summer: Grilled meats
Autumn: Salty foods
Winter: Hearty stews
Sawdust City Brewing Company - Ol' Woody Alt
Food Matches:

Spring: Poultry
Summer: Burgers
Autumn: Pasta
Winter: Stews
Sawdust City Brewing Company - Skinny Dippin' Stout
Food Matches:

Spring: Salty foods
Summer: Grilled meats
Autumn: Chocolate desserts
Winter: Hearty stews
Silversmith Brewing Company - The Black Lager
Food Matches:

Spring: Braised Meat
Summer: BBQ'ed Meat
Autumn: Bacon
Winter: Roasted Meat
Steam Whistle Brewing - Steam Whistle Pilsner
Food Matches:

Spring: Spicy Ethnic Cuisine
Summer: Everything Barbequed
Autumn: Savoury Fare
Winter: Winter Comfort Foods
StoneHammer Brewing - StoneHammer Dark Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Pork Tenderloin with sauteed apples
Summer: Pulled Pork
Autumn: Caramelized Pears
Winter: Beef Stew
StoneHammer Brewing - StoneHammer Maple Red Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Pancakes and Bacon
StoneHammer Brewing - StoneHammer Oatmeal Coffee Stout
Food Matches:

Autumn: Chocolate Mousse
Winter: Chocolate Cake
StoneHammer Brewing - StoneHammer Pilsner
Food Matches:

Spring: Barbeque Ribs and Chicken
Summer: Salty, Buttery Corn on the Cob
Autumn: Hearty Pork Stew
Winter: Spicy Curry
StoneHammer Brewing - StoneHammer Session Lager
Food Matches:

Spring: Spicy Thai
Summer: Strawberries and Cream
Autumn: Fish and Chips
Winter: Chicken Cordon Bleu
Wellington Brewery - Wellington Arkell Best Bitter
Food Matches:

Spring: fish and chips
Summer: salads
Autumn: pumpkin bread
Winter: ham
Wellington Brewery - Wellington County Dark Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: lamb
Summer: roast beef sandwich
Autumn: pork tenderloin with squash
Winter: chili
Wellington Brewery - Wellington Imperial Russian Stout
Food Matches:

Winter: oysters
Wellington Brewery - Wellington Iron Duke
Food Matches:

Autumn: stilton
Winter: prime rib
Wellington Brewery - Wellington Special Pale Ale
Food Matches:

Spring: Thai curry
Summer: hamburgers
Autumn: beef tenderloin
Winter: fondue