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Think outside the box: Discover Craft Beer in the OCB Discovery Pack
  OCB Discovery PackTM #13 Features Six Refreshing New Selections For the Holidays

   Sample Some of the 150+ Brands Offered by Ontario's Craft Brewers

Beer lovers continue to be able get their heads into more quality beer, thanks to the newest edition of the Ontario Craft Brewers' OCB Discovery Pack.

Featuring six new brands, the unique variety-pack of bottles and cans was designed by the OCB to educate consumers about different styles of premium beer, and help beer lovers discover the world of Craft Beer available in Ontario.

The 13th of a series, the OCB Discovery Pack Holiday 2012 Edition is now available exclusively at select LCBO stores across the province. The product code is #288712. If your local LCBO store doesn't have it, get them to order it for you.

OCB Discovery Pack No. 13 provides beer lovers in Ontario with a selection of great-tasting locally brewed beers. This Holiday 2012 version of the Discovery Pack features a new line-up of beers specially selected to help refresh you during the festive season and the cold weather.

And, while you're sampling the six brews in the OCB Discovery Pack Holiday 2012 Edition, try our new OCB Interactive Tasting Tool. It'll walk you through the tasting process, show you what to look for in different beer styles, and will even allow you to keep a permanent record of all the OCB brands you taste. Afterwards, when you're looking for your next OCB beer to try, we invite you to explore our style guide. And look for the OCB seal when visiting the LCBO!

The six great OCB brands featured in this new pack are: Black Oak Brewing Nut Brown Ale, Flying Monkeys Smashbomb Atomic IPA, King Dark Lager, Lake of Bays Spark House Red Ale, Old Credit Pale Pilsner, and Wellington Arkell Best Bitter..

OCB Discovery Pack Holiday 2012 Edition
LCBO # 288712
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OCB Discovery Pack Holiday 2012 Edition Tasting Notes

Black Oak Nut Brown Ale Black Oak Brewing —Black Oak Nut Brown Ale
Mahogany in colour with a dense white head, the rich smooth flavour is pleasantly dry with a roasty nuttiness and occasional hints of dark chocolate. Just enough hops in the background to balance the sweet maltiness and enhance the medium body, making it highly quaffable. (LCBO #547422)

Smashbomb Atomic IPA Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery — Smashbomb Atomic IPA
Flying Monkeys believes that Hops are to Brewing as Insanity is to Art, so they creatively assaulted Smashbomb Atomic IPA with hops at an insane 8 different stages in brewing. Why? Well, why not? Even cooler, they use Citra hops, a pretty new hybrid hop variety that has a high alpha acid of 11% and astounding tropical fruit flavours and aromas. The first aroma shockwave that hits your face is full of the explosive Citra hops. With alpha acids clocking in at 11%, cacophony of exotic flavours dominate this beer. Packing a real fruit punch, Citra adds passion fruit, grapefruit, lime, melon, mango, and papaya notes to the Smashbomb Atomic hit. But don't be fooled. An IPA needs a strong malt backbone, so mad additions of Victory and Crystal specialty malts ignite the fiery body of this 6% abv ale and makes Smashbomb Atomic look like it radiates its own golden energy. This beer ruins you for lamer brews. It's totally, Da Bomb! Atomic IPA (6.0% alc./vol. / 70 IBUs/ SRM 11.72)

King Dark Lager King Brewery — King Dark Lager
This unique beer is brewed in the authentic Munich Dunkel style. King Brewery uses only the finest imported Dark Munich Malt, Noble German Hops and brew it in their authentic German decoction brewhouse to deliver "true to style" aroma and flavour. This delicious beer is red brown in colour, with a thick tan coloured head. The palate is rich and full delivering a clean bread like taste with a hint of toasted chocolate, sporting elegant lace lines to the bottom of your glass. This unique dark lager is complex yet clean. Enjoy this fine lager with grilled or smoked meats, roasted pork, robust sandwiches, grilled sausage and cheeses. True to the King Brewery style their Dark Lager is extremely flavourful, balanced and deliciously refreshing! (LCBO #698399)

Lake of Bays Spark House Red Ale Lake of Bays Brewing Co. — Lake of Bays Spark House Red Ale
For those who like a more robust beer, Lake of Bays Brewing proudly presents Spark House Red Ale. Available year-round, this full-flavoured brew is handcrafted in Baysville, Ontario, using three varieties of premium hops alongside a special blend of European malts. It took 13 pilot brews to nail the right colour and flavour profile for this beer. The result? A deeply satisfying natural red ale worth looking out for. (LCBO #242180)

Old Credit Pale Pilsner Old Credit Brewing Co. — Old Credit Pale Pilsner
Pale in colour, this Pilsner has a medium body with smooth taste and a fleeting aftertaste. It delivers a thick, creamy, and fine textured head. 5% alcohol content. Available in 680 ml. bottles. (LCBO #901835)

Wellington Arkell Best Bitter Wellington Brewery — Wellington Arkell Best Bitter
Originally served as a real ale, Arkell Best Bitter has a loyal following. This delicate and well-balanced bitter is Wellington's session beer. (LCBO #257345)