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Think outside the box: Discover Craft Beer in the OCB Discovery Pack
  OCB Discovery PackTM #12 Features Six Refreshing New Selections For Summer

   Sample Some of the 150+ Brands Offered by Ontario's Craft Brewers

Beer lovers continue to be able get their heads into more quality beer, thanks to the newest edition of the Ontario Craft Brewers' OCB Discovery Pack.

Featuring six new brands, the unique variety-pack of bottles and cans was designed by the OCB to educate consumers about different styles of premium beer, and help beer lovers discover the world of Craft Beer available in Ontario.

The 12th of a series, the OCB 2012 Summer Discovery Pack will be available in the comng weeks exclusively at select LCBO stores across the province. The product code is #291641. If your local LCBO store doesn't have it, get them to order it for you.

OCB Discovery Pack No. 12 provides beer lovers in Ontario with a selection of great-tasting locally brewed beers. This Summer 2012 version of the Discovery Pack features a new line-up of beers specially selected to help refresh you during the hot summer weather.

And, while you're sampling the six brews in the OCB Discovery Pack No. 11, try our new OCB Interactive Tasting Tool. It'll walk you through the tasting process, show you what to look for in different beer styles, and will even allow you to keep a permanent record of all the OCB brands you taste. Afterwards, when you're looking for your next OCB beer to try, we invite you to explore our style guide. And look for the OCB seal when visiting the LCBO!

The six great OCB brands featured in this new pack are: Cameron's Auburn Ale, F&M StoneHammer Premium Light Lager, Great Lakes Devil's Pale Ale, King Brewery Vienna Lager, Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer, and Wolfgang Premium Lager.

LCBO # 291641
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OCB Discovery Pack #12 Tasting Notes

Cameron's Brewing — Cameron's Auburn Ale
Deliciously complex, this west coast style ale uses "tons" of citrus aromatic American hops. Watch for a generous hop nose, smooth maltiness followed by a deep dry smooth hoppy finish. Auburn Ale has consistently medaled at the Canadian and Ontario Brewing Award and was Silver medalist at the 2010 US Open Beer Championships. (LCBO #516195)

F&M Brewery — StoneHammer Premium Light Lager
A finely crafted light lager produced with 100% Premium Pilsner malt, An easy drinking Lager with a light refreshing malt taste. In other words, a light beer with flavor! (LCBO #286401)

Great Lakes Brewery — Devil's Pale Ale
Brewed with 6 select malts and 4 premium hops. Devil's Pale Ale has a rich mahogany colour, reminiscent of early English pale ales. The wonderful hoppy aroma is revealed even before your first sip, followed by a hearty malty body, and culminating with a pronounced bitterness. Prepare yourself for a devilishly good time ... (LCBO #615880)

King Brewery — King Vienna Lager
A true to style Vienna Lager. This amber lager is built with the best German Vienna malt and only noble hops. Toffee and toasted flavours are up front followed by a crisp dry noble hop finish. (LCBO #243410)

Mill Street Brewing — Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer
A Franco-Belgian style made with wheat malt and flavoured with black tea added during the aging (so that we get the full-flavour of the tea aromatics but without the tannic bitterness) and finished with lemon juice to give it a fresh citric tang (served with a lemon wedge...). (LCBO #186783)

Skeena Brewing Brewery — Wolfgang Premium Lager
The flavour complexities of Wolfgang’s® German Style Beer reward the discriminating beer drinker with slightly more bitterness and a satisfying flavour experience. Care was taken to create a premium lager beer that is just slightly more bitter using a blend of choice hops including Hersbruckers to achieve the desired balance.Wolfgang’s® beer is rich in colour—gold and bronze tones; and, the beer is lightly carbonated. LCBO #683185