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Think outside the box: Discover Craft Beer in the OCB Discovery Pack
Discover Craft Beer in the OCB Discovery Pack No. 1

Learn to be a connoisseur by tasting what the microbreweries of Ontario are pouring

OCB Discovery Pack
OCB Discovery Pack
LCBO # 53181
Beer lovers will again be able to get their heads into quality beer, thanks to an exciting new re-order of the Ontario Craft Brewers' first OCB Discovery Pack. The six pack was designed by the OCB to educate consumers about different styles of premium beer, and help beer lovers discover the world of Craft Beer available in Ontario.

The first of a series, the craft packs are again available exclusively at more than 170 LCBO stores across the province for $11.95. The product code is #53181. If your local LCBO store doesn't have it, get them to order it for you.

The six great OCB brands featured in this popular pack include: Wellington Special Pale Ale, Great Lakes Red Leaf Smooth Red Lager, Walkerville Amber Lager, Mill Street Original Organic Lager, Lakes of Muskoka Cream Ale and Brick's J.R. Brickman Pilsner.

> Click here for full tasing notes on all these beers
> Find LCBO stores near you carrying the Discovery Pack

Tell Us What You Think

We sincerely welcome your feedback on the beers in the OCB Discovery Pack, as well as suggestions on which beers to include in our future Discovery packs. Just visit the Ontario Brewer blog, read what others are saying about our new boxed set, and post your own comments and suggestions. While you're there, you can check out our latest Podcast too.

Inspired Recipes

Beer is a terrific ingredient to use in cooking, and the beers in the first OCB Discovery Pack are no exception. Inspired by these fine products, here are some unique beer recipes courtesy of the Ontario Craft Brewers and Chef Ezra Title from Chez Vous Dining:

OCB Discovery Pack #1 Tasting Notes

Wellington Special Pale Ale 4.5% 341ml
With a balance of malt and hops patterned after classic English Pale Ales, this refreshing and creamy smooth ale is notably full of flavour. A perfect pairing with hot, spicy foods, this is a great beer to be enjoyed all year long.

Great Lakes Red Leaf Smooth Red Lager 5.0% 341ml
Red Leaf is a smooth red lager that has taken years to perfect. Using fresh German hops and special Canadian malts to achieve its colour. This full-flavoured lager contains no additives or preservatives and is praised everywhere it is consumed. Winning gold at the Great Canadian Brewing Festival is a testament to our craft brewing process.

Walkerville Amber Lager 5.0% 341ml
Bright Amber colour with a creamy white head releasing subtle noble hop aromas, a slightly toasty malt flavour up front giving way to a firm hop flavour which leads to a wonderfully balanced finish that is long and refreshingly dry. Full bodied, spicy and crisp.

Mill Street Organic Lager 4.2% 222ml
Light, golden colour, light floral hop aroma, pleasant malty/biscuit taste with a well-balanced finish. Very clean, with no aftertaste. Suggested food pairing: seafood, light pasta, chicken, light vegetable dishes, cheese and fruit.

Lakes of Muskoka Cream Ale 5.0% 341ml
Savour the beer that launched the brewery's reputation in 1996. Crisp, refreshingly hopped with a nutty malt finish. "A great food-friendly beer," says Jamie MacKinnon, who gave it four stars in The Great Lakes Beer Guide. Winner of numerous awards, including two gold medals at the Great Canadian Brewing Festival.

Brick J.R. Brickman Pilsner 5.0% 341ml
This flagship brand won the 2006 Ontario Brewing Awards Gold Medal for BEST PILSNER. It has a crisp, clean and smooth finish that is premium brewed with a blend of specialty imported pale malts, Bohemian Saaz, German spalter noble hops and pure Formosa Springs water.